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When a ruling planet occupies its own house, it is most effective for generating the things we want in that area of life. These energies are available to us for doing the right work in the world, having the courage to let go of that which no longer serves our highest good, following our true path, and experiencing joy.

Jupiter in Sagittarius calls upon us to aim higher and aim true in following our dharmic path in the world. In this sign, Jupiter inspires us to be optimistic, believe in possibilities, have faith in ourselves, and have faith in the abundance principle of the universe. The theme of this transit is becoming inspired to envision something that serves a higher purpose or calling in our life, believing it is possible, and paying attention to signs from the universe that guide us and the synchronicities that confirm we are on the right path.

This is a powerful and potent time to expand horizons physically, mentally, and spirituality through travel, learning, and meditation. Saturn in Capricorn is about using time to our advantage, and being patient with the process and precise in our motions and decisions.

The theme of this transit is becoming patient, waiting for opportune moments, and seizing them rather than wasting energy and efforts attempting to make something happen before its time. This is a potent time for learning to harness time to our advantage, formulating long-term goals, and slowly making our way toward them.

Work smarter, not harder. Get deeper insight with your premium Vedic Horoscope. The theme of this transit is having faith that everything will unfold perfectly on time and using our physical and intuitive senses to know when the time is right. Count each blessing along the way to progress. Venus in Taurus is about taking time to experience the love and beauty in the world around us, to enjoy the pleasures of the senses, and to find creative inspiration through the arts and music.

This period asks us to find inspiration in nature, to get out of our head and become an active participant in our own life, sustaining and nourishing the love and beauty that surrounds us here and now. Venus and Saturn are friends, and they have a half-strength aspect during this time. Like a muse, Venus will aid Saturn in his persistence toward goals. During this time, Venus is retrograde from May 13—June 25,asking each of us to find our inner muse, stop to smell the roses, and see what that can inspire.

Mars is retrograde this year from September 9—November This planet stations retrograde in Aries but goes back into Pisces before entering Aries again. Mars in Aries is about cultivating autonomy, deciding and pursuing our own course of action. The key note of this transit is having the courage to follow our vision and pursue our goals.Call us: United States goes through recession every 9 — 10 years, when either Saturn is in conjunction with Ketu or Rahu in Vedic Astrology.

During this time Trump came so close to going to war with Iran twice, but somehow was able to diffuse the war like situation. Donald Trump knew if he could somehow dodge war and recession in his first Presidential Term, it will greatly improve his chances of victory in the Presidential Election.

The trillion-dollar tax cuts that Trump gave to Corporate America, were offered with the understanding that Corporate America will help him keep the stock market high, unemployment numbers low and help him delay the recession until after the Presidential Election.

US economy was already in auto-pilot mode since President Obama left the office, and Donald Trump became the President. Corporate America was able to keep the stock market high, with surge in stock buybacks, with the tax cuts money they received.

The unemployment rate was low, but more low paying jobs were created. People had to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay their monthly bills. Low unemployment rate is meaningless if workers are trapped in low-wage jobs with little to no bargaining power.

2020 vedic astrology predictions

Wage growth has been stagnant for decades and the average American family is poorer than they were before the financial crisis. Underemployment and stagnant wages mean there has effectively been no economic recovery for a significant portion of the US labor force. The economy is only working for those at the top, while everyone else gets shafted. The stock market crashed between June and Aprilas predicted by me three years ago.

2020 vedic astrology predictions

This is just the beginning of the global recession, also predicted by me 3 years ago. My astrology prediction on war between June and April also came correct. Now you know why 3 years ago, I had chosen April 1, to publish the Presidential Elections Astrology predictions, because astrologically the month of March was horrible, and I knew this 3 years ago.

Nobody, that includes astrologers, political pundits, financial market gurus had any clue that we will be attacked by COVID, and stock market will crash in March American people will realize that Donald Trump is utterly unsuited to deal with the crisis like coronavirus, either intellectually or temperamentally.

Trump ignored repeated warnings from intelligence officials to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak, according to news reports. However, Trump disregarded them, fearing that news of an outbreak would hurt the stock market, and his chances of re-election. This has made the US lose valuable time, and plausibly increased the harm the virus can cause to Americans. The global coronavirus outbreak and the financial market crash might accomplish something that Mueller Investigation and Trump Impeachment could not accomplish.

This time Donald Trump cannot pay hush money or change the news cycle. May, June, July this year are very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and the country.

We will see full blown coronavirus during this period, many people will die during these months, before things get better after September this year.Those who follow my writings may recall that the U. The beginning of Rahu dasha marked the last year of the Obama presidency and the commencement of the Trump campaign and his eventual rise to the presidency.

So, that set the tone for the U. Recall that there are a total of 9 sub-cycles bhuktis within the year span of Rahu. These sub-cycles fine-tune the direction and outcomes that are expected to manifest during any given year. This is true for individuals as well as entire countries.

Like any other mahadasha planet, Rahu has its higher, more positive side as well as its lower, more devious side. The basic nature of Rahu is to relentlessly go after its desires at any cost. Rahu takes an unconventional, and individualistic approach, it is a loner, a separatist, an outcast and moves toward excitement.

Rahu also moves on impulse and inspiration rather than solely on logic or facts. Rahu is worldly, whereas Ketu its opposite pole is other-worldly. Rahu is the outcast, individualist and the foreigner. Ketu is the hitchhiker, the spiritual seeker or a person on a journey seeking perfection and enlightenment, who denounces the boundaries of the world, preferring to be unattached.

A more complete explanation and discussion follows the list of predictions. Predictions For the U. Overall gain, expansion and growth in the U. New alliances, contracts and trade agreements are made between the U.

Significant changes in the structure of the public schools and the larger educational system manifest. New curriculums and teaching methods are introduced.

Horoscope 2020 - Yearly Astrology 2020 Predictions

Several colleges either go bankrupt and dissolve or merge with stronger institutions of higher learning.

Protests against the old status quo policies grow in numbers. Possible change to the Constitution or a new Amendment is added. Change in the membership of the Supreme Court is likely, with the loss of at least one Supreme Court Justice currently on the bench.

Much higher propensity for major windstorms, flooding, excessive rainfall, hurricanes and tornados.New to AstroSage? Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username?

2020 vedic astrology predictions

Coronavirus: stay at home Leave your home if it's necessary. Will you get success in or need to wait for a good time to come? Know all these unanswered queries by reading our yearly horoscope predictions. Every possible event coming in your life are elaborated in this article based on Vedic Astrology.

You would be able to know about your profession, job, wealth, finances, health, education and family life for this coming year Horoscope also explains that all planets and nakshatras are posited into 12 zodiac signs. Every zodiac sign has its different ruling lords and also in varga charts, any planet placed in any particular sign will influence differently to a person. In that situation, it is necessary to know whether the permutation and combination of planets occurring in that particular year will affect positively or negatively to our different areas of life.

We will let you know the most concerning areas of your life in the coming yearwhich need actions or remedies to be taken. What are the changes and challenges occurring in this year for you? Which are the moon signs that will gain favourable outcomes this year? You will be able to know all these details through our horoscope at our site, AstroSage.

According to Horoscopenatives born under this moon sign will get health benefits in the second half of the year. However, you may see fluctuations in your health at the beginning of the year. Hence, proper health care may cure you of any type of ailment.

You may face obstacles in your love life this year. However, a strong and stable relationship between you and your partner will help you cope up with the hurdles and challenges. Your professional relationship with your partner will flourish. People who are waiting for love marriage may have to put lots of efforts to fulfil their desires.

Married life will be happy and smooth.

Vedic Astrology for April 2020, Nakshatra Moon Transits relative to Uttara Bhadrapada

Your child will do good, which may give you peace. There will be challenges in your family life. You may change your residence and go away from your relatives. An auspicious event may take place within your family. Students will get good results from their endeavours. Aries natives who are preparing for competitive exams are required to work harder in order to attain the desired results.The monthly horoscope for March is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.

Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. The 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution.

These dates are indicated. The dates for caution on the financial matter are also indicated. People with a particular janma rashi should avoid dealing in financial matters on these dates, e. Sun transits through an auspicious 11th followed by an inauspicious 12th house. Saturn is going through an inauspicious 10th house transit.

Mars is going through an inauspicious 9th house transit and will then move through another inauspicious 10th house. Rahu is going through an auspicious 3rd house transit but with vedha of Sun in the 2nd half; at the same time, Ketu is going through an unfavourable 9th house transit. Venus transits through a favourable 1st house transit. Mercury is transiting through a favourable 11th house, but there is vedha of Sun in the 2nd half. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: The first half of the month will be good for relationships with elder brother and social network.

Auspicious events will continue. However, there will be some restlessness in mind and adventure is being sought. During the 2nd half of the month, there will be disputes with others.

Friends will not cooperate. Throughout the month, it will be important to recognize the need of others. If compromises are made and if communication is maintained well, this will be a good month for developing new relationships. Health: Health will be good during the first part of the month. There will be anxiety and sleeping disorders during the 2nd half of the month. Gains will continue from the previous month. Income will also increase.

Recklessness will be in control during the 1st half of the month, but it will increase during the 2nd half. Although working in groups will be beneficial, but ego issues can cause some problems for you.

Students will have a good period in learning new subjects. Sun will be going through favourable 10th followed by another favourable 11th house transit. Saturn is going through an inauspicious 9th house transit. Mars is going through an inauspicious, manglik 8th house transit, followed by another inauspicious 9th house transit. Mercury moves through an auspicious 10th house transit, followed by another auspicious 11th house transit.Last time, Presidential elections in the United States were held in November This time also in the year presidential elections are to take place on 3rd November.

S Presidency. However, there are no formal dates regarding the establishment of Democratic and Republican. Trump was born on the day of a lunar eclipse. During the Election, Sun is in 10th House which is affected by Jupiter.

2020 Horoscope - By Pt. Onkar Nath

Further, Jupiter was very well placed in the 2nd House. Also, the unemployment rate touches the lowest of around 3. However, from mid Saturn starts casting a shadow on 12th House. In this malefic period, Trump takes a great amount of criticism a lot due to the US-China Trade War and, decisions on immigration policy, etc.

Saturn in the 6th and 7th House may result in a war situation.


Joe Biden is the front face of the Democratic party. He also served as U. S Vice President from to Jupiter and Moon are in the same position together in the center, which results in the formation of strong Gaj Kesari Yoga. Vimshottrai Dasha in the yearmake it possible for Biden to be elected as vice-president. This time again during the time period of April to SeptemberVishmottri Dasha will result in giving Joe Biden a very strong fight to Trump.

Planets and US Presidential Elections 2020

Mars as the 6th and ascendant lord is in the 12th House and mutual conjunction with Moon will result in Raja Yoga. Mercury being lord of 8th House is present in 12th House. As a result, this astrological combination will help Joe Biden during the last phase of the US Presidential Election, to impress people in political debates and overall campaign.

However, this article is based on astrological predictions, thus, it can be concluded that:. It reflects Trump as a tough competitor. However, no sign of victory is there. Tags: donald trump horoscopejoe biden horoscopeus electionus election predictionus election exit pollus election opinion pollus presidential election astrology prediction. Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web site, and your views are fastidious designed for new viewers.

After looking at a handful of the articles on your web page, I truly appreciate your technique of writing a blog.During January Saturn would move out of Sagittarius into Capricorn, a sign owned by Saturn which could bring with it the strength to change the world order with hard work and people friendly policies.

This 5 year transit would have the strength to take the entire world back on the path of honest values and right democracy. The Vedic Horoscopes at Indastro are devised on the basis of your Moon Sign, which can be calculate by knowing the placement of Moon at the time of your birth. Please click on your Moon sign below to read your Horoscope.

If you are unaware of your Moon sign, click here to find out instantly! Personally for you could reap a bonanza as many planets are in your favor.

2020 vedic astrology predictions

Read More Inyou need to act responsibly towards your own self. A Sense of self motivation and not falling prey to your own counter-thoughts will be very much needed. Health consciousness should come to the fore. Stay clear of thinking otherwise in your love matters, over thinking to be avoided, else churning in relationships a possibility. This year, you would gain happiness, success — in physical relationships as well as growth in career after some delays.

Positive utterances would help you sail through with ease. The funds would be enough to meet your needs, though you may feel your earning not in line with your efforts.

The circulation of liquid money could feel the pinch, though in terms of assets you may add to them in Your Business prospects seem to be doing just about good after a rather dull period which you would leave behind. Still factor in any unnecessary delays due to issues with power circle or authorities.

Strength to organize your thoughts, implementing the ideas at work will help you meet your purpose. Arrogance and tall-thinking would turn out to be your worst enemies. You could seek sexual pleasures breaking the regimented boundaries and may not mind hob-knobbing with people not of your stature.