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Here, we count down their 50 greatest songs. Bono took this lyric from one of his key influences: King David, who wrote the Psalms. I was writing my psalm. The result is a quintessential U2 mix of tradition and innovation. But 15 years later, when he penned this somber reflection on the conflict in Northern Ireland, he was more interested in pleading than shouting.

U2 also made a video for the song that featured Bono wooing Ali. But when those sessions proved unsuccessful, they soon returned to their longtime collaborators Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, traveling to Morocco to began recording as a six-piece band. The whole album is first journeys — first journeys geographically, spiritually, sexually.

But we went there. The snippet was cut from later editions. So I wrote a really tough, nasty little number, slapping him around the head. New York is a city that really brings you somewhere, a state of mind. What do they want from us? The second version ultimately won out. Co-producer Brian Eno estimated the song went through 80 incarnations in the studio. That was a great image to play with — the impossibility of wanting something like this, and then the cost of having it.

But while the music shot toward the future, Bono mined his past. The song would come to a shuddering halt, and there I was, just speaking to my mother in front of 50, of my closest friends. Fittingly, the song feels like a military march, albeit one ascending into heaven.

InBono and his wife, Ali, traveled to El Salvador, which was then in the midst of a horrific civil war. There, they witnessed firsthand the brutality of the U. Like a lot of the tunes on Boy, it echoes the goth punk of bands like Joy Division or Siouxsie and the Banshees. The greatest rock anthem ever sung in Latin? The idea to sing in Latin came after listening to an album of Gregorian chants owned by their manager Paul McGuinness.Born and raised in DublinIreland, he attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School where he met his future wife, Alison Stewartas well as schoolmates with whom he formed U2 in His lyrics are known for their social and political themes, and for their religious imagery inspired by his Christian beliefs.

Bono is well known for his activism for social justice causes, both through U2 and as an individual. InBono was named one of the Time Persons of the Year.

bono songs

Outside the band, he has recorded with numerous artists. He is Managing Director and a Managing Partner of the private equity firm Elevation Partnerswhich has invested in several companies. Bono was born in the Rotunda HospitalDublin, on 10 May He went to the local primary Glasnevin National School. During his childhood and adolescence, Bono and his friends were part of a surrealist street gang called "Lypton Village".

Bono met one of his closest friends, Guggiin Lypton Village. It is said he was nicknamed "Bono Vox" by his friend Gavin Friday. He initially disliked the name; however, when he learned it translated to "good voice", he accepted it.

Hewson has been known as "Bono" since the late s.

Bono Posts Song for the People of Italy in Wake of COVID-19

Although he uses Bono as his stage name, close family and friends also refer to him as Bono, including fellow band members. After he left school, his father Bob Hewson told him he could live at home for one year, but if he was not able to pay his own way, he would have to leave the house.

The band had occasional jam sessions in which they did covers of other bands. The band went by the name "Feedback" for a few months, before changing to "The Hype" later on. After Dik Evans left the group to join another local band, the Virgin Prunesthe remaining four officially changed the name from "The Hype" to " U2 ".

Initially Bono sang, played guitar and wrote the band's songs. He said of his early guitar playing in a interview, "When we started out I was the guitar player, along with the Edge—except I couldn't play guitar.

bono songs

I still can't.Few rock bands have had the kind of career longevity and success enjoyed by U2. This widespread resonance largely stems from the band's ever-malleable sound. During its early years, U2 flew the flag for vibrant post-punk and new wave. As the '80s progressed, the band dabbled in folk, blues and other American musical traditions, before ripping up the playbook, David Bowie-style, with '90s excursions into electronic music. In the last two decades, U2 has settled into a groove centered on all kinds of rock 'n' roll, from earnest throwbacks to modern sleekness.

Across the decades, what hasn't changed for U2 is its relentless inner drive to harness music's healing power. Such striving has given songs deep endurance, which the band cultivates via an impressive touring schedule. The members of U2 are loathe to rest on their laurels -- and that permeates every fiber of their being. As they continue to tour the world behind their eighth No. U2's songwriting genius often reveals itself live, when the band members break free from studio formalities and allow emotion to take the wheel.

Case in point: The Unforgettable Fire album cut "Bad," a delicate song about addiction's wrenching effects that's said to be inspired by Dublin's mid-'80s heroin epidemic. On disc, the song blooms slowly, driven by increasingly urgent chiming guitars, rattlesnake percussion and a cushion of lush keyboards. In concert, however, the song is transformed into an extended epic whose cry of "I'm wide awake" feels like a pledge for survival rather than last-ditch desperation.

Bono sheepishly references his propensity for "shooting off my mouth," but also reassures Ali he's a charmer: "I'm the kind of trouble that you enjoy. Contrary to the dominant narrative, U2 never completely eschewed electronics after the '90s; they just figured out how to incorporate them in subtler ways. Recorded with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, "Magnificent" has a pulsating, motorik foundation that meshes well with the Edge's blocky guitar chords and Bono's keening, hopeful vocals.

It's a misconception that U2's mid-'90s albums are nothing but day-glo electronic excursions. U2's early albums exuded youthful energy and brash confidence, influenced as they were by the nascent early '80s post-punk scenes bubbling up in England and Ireland. Boy 's careening "The Electric Co. One notable exception is "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses," an anguished breakup song that finds Bono channeling a heartbroken soul singer who's lost his swagger. One byproduct of U2's '90s experimental phase is that it gave Bono a chance to stretch his voice into luminous shapes.

The theatrical and surreal performance amplifies the sorrow of the lyrical inspiration: Bono saw Super 8 video of his late mother wearing a yellow dress at a wedding, which spawned ruminations on the ephemeral nature of memories, and the inherent distance between camera and subject. U2's first major sonic reinvention came after 's Warwhen the band teamed up with producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois for 's The Unforgettable Fire.

Bono's impassioned vocals curl around the gauzy music, notable for its beatific Edge guitar strokes and heartbeat-patter percussion. U2's ability to balance religious allusions, spiritual heft and rock 'n' roll verve coalesces on the early single "Gloria," a Top 10 hit in Ireland.

The Edge contributes chimera-like piano shimmers and boomerang guitars; Clayton piles on squirming funk bass; and Mullen backs it all up with a steady rhythmic core. The No.AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental.

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Born February 16, in Detroit, MI. Laugh at Me. Sonny Bono. The Revolution Kind.

U2 - Beautiful Day

Pammie's on a Bummer. I Just Sit There. You Better Sit Down Kids feat. I Can See Clearly Now feat. Johnny Nash.

'Sing across rooftops': Bono writes coronavirus song dedicated to Italy

I Got You Babe feat. Comin' Down the Chimney. Joey Manners. The One. Bon Lozaga.

Bono Posts Song for the People of Italy in Wake of COVID-19

Carole King. It Never Rains in Southern California feat.He was mayor of Palm Springs, California from toand the Republican congressman for California's 44th district from until his death in The United States Copyright Term Extension Act ofwhich extended the term of copyright by 20 years, was named in honor of Bono when it was passed by Congress nine months after his death. Bono began his music career as a songwriter at Specialty Recordswhere his song "Things You Do to Me" was recorded by Sam Cookeand went on to work for record producer Phil Spector in the early s as a promotion man, percussionist and " gofer ".

One of his earliest songwriting efforts, " Needles and Pins " was co-written with Jack Nitzscheanother member of Spector's production team. Later in the same decade, he achieved commercial success with his wife Cher in the singing duo Sonny and Cher. Bono wrote, arranged and produced a number of hit records including the singles " I Got You Babe " and " The Beat Goes On ", although Cher received more attention as a performer.

His lone hit single as a solo artist, " Laugh at Me ", was released in and peaked at No. In live concerts, Bono introduced the song by saying "I'd like to sing a medley of my hit". His only other single as a solo artist, "The Revolution Kind", reached No. His solo album, Inner Viewswas released in Sonny continued to work with Cher through the early and mids, starring in a popular television variety show, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hourwhich ran on CBS from to From tothe duo, since divorced, returned to perform together on The Sonny and Cher Show.

He appeared in the miniseries Top of the Hill. In Men in BlackBono is one of several oddball celebrities seen on a wall of video screens that monitor extraterrestrials living among us. He also appeared as the Mayor of Palm Springs which he actually was at the time in several episodes of P. He also made a minor appearance as himself in the comedy film First Kid Bono guest-starred as himself on The Golden Girls episode "Mrs. George Devereaux" originally broadcast November 17,in which he vied with Lyle Waggoner for Dorothy's Bea Arthur affection in a dream sequence.

Bono entered politics after experiencing great frustration with local government bureaucracy in trying to open a restaurant in Palm Springs, California. Bono placed a successful bid to become the new mayor of Palm Springs.U2 singer Bono took to Instagram live to perform a brand new song for the first time on St. With the averageSt. Taking heart and inspiration from the residents all over Italy who have been leaning out of windows and on balconies singing and sharing a communal party-like atmosphere to keep spirits high during the coronavirus shutdown, Bono gave fans the first look at his new song.

Let me know what you think. Then the U2 frontman launched into the ballad, which included lyrics addressing isolation and noting the empty streets of Dublin. U2 have been relatively silent on the music front since the release of their album Songs of Experience. Last year, they released a new song, Ahimsa, with A. Rahman and concluded their The Joshua Tree tour.

Italy is one of the countries hit worst by the coronavirus so far and has brought in severe measures to try to slow the spread and ease pressure on healthcare services. Yesterday, the Irish cabinet signed off on measured which will give the government the ability to shut down mass gatherings amid he ongoing outbreak.

In a St. The death toll in Italy has passed 2, Meanwhile, the number of cases in Ireland has reachedwith 69 new cases confirmed. Two people have died of the novel coronavirus in Ireland.Bono is an Irish musician who joined the band U2 while he was still in high school. THe band's sixth album The Joshua Treemade them international stars. Bono has used his celebrity to call attention to global problems, including world poverty and AIDS. He joined the band U2 in Octoberwhen he was in high school and was dubbed "Bono Vox" good voice.

He was made frontman for the Irish rock band though his singing at the time was less compelling than his stage presence. U2 began touring almost immediately and released its first album, Boyin Inthey released the Grammy-winning The Joshua Treetheir sixth album and the one that catapulted the band—and its outspoken frontman—to stardom.

Subsequent albums secured U2's reputation for range and innovation, including 's industrial-sounding Achtung Baby's funkier-edged Zooropa and the techno-influenced Pop Creating simple but powerful music, the group scored with such tracks as the soaring "Beautiful Day," which won Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of Year. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb also fared well, both commercially and critically.

In Marchthe band released No Line on the Horizonwhich reached the top of the American pop charts. Throughout U2's career, Bono has written most of the band's lyrics, often focusing on untraditional themes like politics and religion.

In fact, social activism has always been close to the singer's heart, and he has used his music to raise consciousness with performances at Band Aid, Live 8 and Net Aid, among others. Outside of music, Bono has used his celebrity to generate awareness about many global problems. Over the years, he has met with world leaders and many U. Bono has also lobbied tirelessly on behalf of many causes, including two he helped create: DATA and One.

Started inOne is a nonpartisan campaign to "Make Poverty History" and is supported by more than nonprofit organizations as well as millions of individuals, including celebrities like Ben AffleckGwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt. While it is a for-profit enterprise, its mission is to foster "sustainable employment in developing areas of the world, particularly Africa," according to its website.

Bono eventually turned his sights towards Broadway.

bono songs

Along with U2 bandmate The Edge, he worked on music and lyrics while serving as producer for the live theatrical show, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Darkwhich opened in The musical, originally directed by Julie Taymor, had a tumultuous road to its opening, with Bono and Taymor falling out and later becoming embroiled in legal battles over copyright infringement and contractual stipulations.

In earlyBono announced that he and his band were working on another album tentatively called 10 Reasons to Exist, which was later released in the fall of as Songs of Innocence.

bono songs

In collaboration with Apple, the band released Songs of Innocence for free on iTunes and streaming services iTunes Radio, and what was at the time, Beats Music.