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I forgot my password. We have decided to include only one item set based on the best items for general usage. There are better how to find better business bureau complaints for certain encounters and tweaks for either Boss fights or AoE clearing.

ddo sorcerer build 2019

If you would like alternative gear options included please us know in the comments below. Mother's Sorrow: Light Armor set which is part of the base game. It can be found in Deshaan; Overland bosses have a chance to drop different parts for premade and public groups.

All parts are "bound on equip" hence it's possible to acquire the set from other players. Consists of two parts which can be found in the veteran-mode Crypt of Hearts Dungeon.

Ilambris Helmet and Shoulders both bind on pick-up. The set grants the following bonuses:. Willpower Set : very solid set which is quite easy to obtain and perfectly fits this builds 3 "free" equipment slots. Parts of this set "bind on equip" which makes it possible to buy them from other players as well.

This set grants:. Maelstrom Set - a single piece set which can be obtained from the veteran Maelstrom Arena. It's a single piece set which grants:. With multiple sellers competing for your attention, you are to expect the best prices, prompt delivery and high quality of service. If you would like to see more detailed information added let us know in the comments below.

We may try to add customization options for certain encounters and alternative gear options. Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet? Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds.

Like this:. Share this:. Very high single-target DPS. Gear-dependant because of high Magicka consumption.

ddo sorcerer build 2019

Great AoE and clear speed when farming and leveling. Most of the skills are available in the late-game. Self-sustain and self-healing. Solid defenses with Magicka shield.Enhancements Tactics Equipment Spells. Alignment : Any Hit die : d4. Arcane Prodigy : Activate this sorcerer ability to blast a target with a ray of combined elements, doing 1d12 damage of a random elemental type plus an additional 1d12 per three caster levels on impact.

Observed effect : Travels slowly, targets can sidestep it. Medium range. Accepts metamagic feats Maximize, Empower, Quicken, and Enlarge. Multi-classed sorcerers get a percentage of the bonus based on what percent is multiclassed.

They have no books, no mentors, no theories—just raw power that they direct at will. Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards, and acquire them more slowly, but they can cast individual spells more quickly and more often before resting and have no need to prepare their incantations ahead of time. Since sorcerers gain their powers without undergoing the years of rigorous study that wizards go through, they have more time to learn fighting skills and are proficient with simple weapons.

Charisma is very important for sorcerers; the higher their value in this ability, the higher the spell level she can cast. The Sorcerer always fires for effect, similarly to the Wizard, but the Sorcerer has the ability to do this much more frequently throughout the course of an adventure, and much more often during a single encounter.

That being said Sorcerers tend to favor spells that can be used frequently, rather than spells that can be used only in certain circumstances. Suggestion and Charm Person will serve as examples. Suggestion has a set duration that allows you to charm virtually any creature that can be charmed. Charm person, though it has the potential to last longer and is cheaper in terms of SP, it works only on those of the humanoid type. Consequently, although Suggestion costs more, its range of effect is greater and is therefore a superior spell for a Sorcerer.

These two feats largely define where you are going with your Sorcerer. Because there are both action points and feats to consider one could plan out a sorcerer to select spells from mainly one school of magic.

For more information on feat selection and starting attribute for Sorcerer focused on some of the Schools see:. A Savant specializes in one elemental type: air, fire, earth or water. They are weaker in the opposite element.

At levels 1, 4 and 12 the tiers of the savant grant an SLA spell like abilitywhich allows the sorcerer to cast a specific spell with a reduced sp cost including all appropriate metamagics. At levels 12 and 18 additional benefits are bestowed such as Awaken Elemental Weakness which makes an enemy take more damage from the particular type, and other benefits. The various elemental schools vary in effectiveness given the content you are playing.

This means it is in your best interest to build up a secondary line of spells to cast if the primary element is useless water savant going against ice creatures. In general electricity and acid are more effective against more opponents than ice and fire. Electricity is a good choice for the secondary line, except for earth savants who have it as their weakened element take cold.

Fortunately the savant classes do not require disparate feats so the player can switch their enhancements over to try playing a different savant.

This is easier then an Archmage attempting to switch schools, who quite often would need to swap feats out. The savant prestige class requires empower or maximize and a spell focus in evocation or conjuration. Any Sorcerer should be taking empower, maximize and evocation spell focus as feats anyways. Obviously, switching your element would require massive spell swapping, which is expensive for a sorcerer. This can be done painlessly after one acquires Blood of Dragons.

This can be taken as a favor reward if one has the Ruins of Gianthold adventure pack. Jump to: navigationsearch. See also: Sorcerer spells.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit Page history.With over a dozen classes to pick from, the options are almost overwhelming and picking where to start can seem like a confusing challenge. Below is a breakdown of each class with their key elements to help you have an easier time deciding your next great adventure. As in most fantasy games, the Fighter is a staple of the classes.

The class is pretty much all combat, and uses a vast arsonal of different weapons and fighting styles. From being a tank to a ranged DPS, or even an in your face brawler; the Fighter lives up to its title. Able to use any armor type, they can be a valuable, tactical asset to any adventuring party. A Barbarian is in action as its name would suggest: Barbaric.

A warrior, Barbarians have special powers that allow them to enrage and deal heavy damage. They use less armor, but have higher HP and can reduce damage taken or increase damage dealt to easily makeup for it.

Their Uncanny Dodge gives them excellent reflex saves and high dodge chances in short bursts. They're almost entirely melee, but some successful ranged builds can be played. If built right, a Paladin is a powerhouse against evil. Generally best played as a front-line melee build, Paladins have limited divine spell casting abilities, a tradeoff to some melee advantages a Fighter may have but a huge bonus as they can heal themselves and even their party.

This helps them provide support as backup healers for short encounters. They also have passive auras that help aid the party against evil creatures, weakening these dark foes and sometimes even bringing them to the brink of death. While the primary attributes best utilized are Wisdom and Charisma, Strength and constitution are also important.

The Monk class is a paid class that costs DDO points to play. From deflecting arrows to stunning martial arts abilities, the Monk class is an exciting choice to pick. Using different stances, they fuel their powers through the energy of Ki to defeat enemies in a flourish of incredible blows. With unarmed abilities, they decimate foes in a showy and fanciful way. A Monk's primary attribute is Wisdom, with Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity following close behind.

While weak physically, especially compared to the previously mentioned classes, a Sorcerer is the primary offensive magic class in DDO.

Able to rapidly cast spells much quicker than any other class, and cast them more often given that they have the highest spell points, a Sorcerer is an arcane nightmare for enemies.

ddo sorcerer build 2019

Sorcerers usually only wear cloth armor as heavier armors come with a chance to fail when casting spells. Charisma is a Sorcerer's primary attribute, as it determines max spell points and spellcasting effectiveness.

Using light, fire, and physical spells, as well as being specialised in healing and defense spells; a Cleric can be made into a successful build of any type. Clerics' primary attributes are Wisdom, to determine spell points and effectiveness of spells, and Charisma, which impacts the ability to Turn Undead and how many attempts you get.

Flexible and resourceful, the Wizard class has an endless supply of spells to pull from, and are able to change spell slots at Rest Shrines or in Taverns. Inscribing spells for later use, the Wizard can attain a bottomless fount of resources for any dungeon.

They also have less restrictions with changing out spells. This makes them a very volatile and valuable spellcaster for any party going into any dungeon or raid. A jack-of-all-spells, Wizards are addictively fun to play and have ample build options. The primary attribute for Wizards is Intelligence, which again decides their Spell Points and spell effectiveness.

A paid to unlock class, the Favored Soul costs DDO points or can be unlocked by earning 2, Total Favor on a single character for a single server.These are fairly simple generic builds that are easily accessible and recommended to new players.

To keep things simple there will only be up to three popular builds per class here. Generally these will be based on each classes three PrE's, but not always. Equipment recommendations will only go up to Level 11, as that's about the time a new player starts to get a good feel for what items are helpful to their character and can decide on their own where to go from there.

In short, a build without any fluff. These builds are intended to represent easily built characters that new players can have fun with. Jump to: navigationsearch. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Pages in category "Builds for new players" The following 17 pages are in this category, out of 17 total.

Icy Evoker

D Dwarven Footman. E Elven Mage. F Forest Warden Frenzied Brute. H Hired Blade. I Icy Evoker. L Lyrical Poet. R Revised Paths. S Solid Shintao Monk. W Whirling Dervish. Category : Custom character builds.

Namespaces Category Discussion. Views Read Edit Page history. This page was last modifiedNovember 13, Update Based on work by others. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.Complete Sith Sorcerer Lightning Guide PvE onlysuitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! Welcome to my 6. As of 6. How can I do as much damage as possible each GCD global cooldown, 1.

Which ability do I use right now that will provide me the most DPS? How can I maximize my uptime? Can I finish this cast before I need to move? Can the healers deal with it without too much stress?

For the standard level 75 build, I would recommend using 1 alacrity earpiece, 1 alacrity implant, and 1 critical implant, all with critical augments. This minimizes the number of pieces you need to switch out when you need to switch to Madness or get a 1.

In order to switch to Madness, you just need to switch out the alacrity implant and ear for a critical version both still have a critical augment. In order to switch to the 1. Again, the purpose of doing this is to give you enough Alacrity to give you a 1. Recommendation : Sometimes take this. If you plan to use Force Storm at all during the fight, you should take this.

Does not affect stolen life. Additionally, your Whirlwind affects up to 2 additional standard or weak enemies within 8m of the target. Recommendation : Never take this. If you need to reduce the accuracy of something, other classes have far better ways of doing this. This effect cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds. If there is significant DoT damage, this is usually a good option.

Effect : Lowers the cooldown of Electrocute by 10 seconds.Builds Self-explanatory, no? Moderator: Strakeln.

ddo sorcerer build 2019

Forum Rules. Best Ranger Right Now. Fire Sorc. Difficult EK monk gear stretched gear thin. EK build. Thrower Builds?

[DDO] Hardcore Tempest Ranger Being Carried by Falconry

Best Alchemist right now. Best BtA melee weapon for EK? Vistani War Preist. Inqui end game DPS. Build Request: melee build for racials. Melee sorc, possible? Dagger Paladin? Low heroic Dex gear for ranger. Tiefling worth it? End-game nuking sorc gear set? Highest DPS Rogue inquis. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. Home Help Search Login Register. Topics: Posts: Keeper of the Vault. Jul 6 that pm By: []. Today at pm By: UnknownBuilder.This is a pretty straightforward sorcerer build.

Armed with tremendous firepower and self-healing, this build can easily be at the top of the kill counts without a heavy investment in unique gear. You will be an awesome damage dealer within your chosen element, able to dish out more punishment than anyone else, however your instant-kill spells like Finger of Death and enchantments like Mass Hold or Sphere of Dancing will be weaker, and between your main and back up element spells you won't have a lot of buff spells other than the critical ones.

Because of your high spell points and effective yet low SP spell-like attacks, you'll be able to deal tremendous damage without having to worry about running dry when it counts. DEX is important only for Reflex saves, and frankly you'll probably never get it very high without relying on gear.

Category:Builds for new players

INT isn't bad if you want to develop your skills. To fill your role as arcane artillery, and to fulfill the prerequisites for Savant, your feats pretty much choose themselves. Extend Spell is no longer as useful as it was, since many DOT spells now have fixed durations. It is still good at low levels for extending standard buffs, and short-duration buffs like Haste, Rage, and Displacement still benefit from it, but overall I found I can live without it at higher levels, so you can either skip it, or take it early and swap it out later as you prefer.

Toughness is something you definitely want at some point, but when you take it is mostly personal preference. Personally I like to take it early on, but a lot of people leave it for 18th and do just fine. Quicken is not terribly useful for sorcerers, you have faster casting times as it is, and while being uninterruptible is nice, frankly I've only encountered a couple situations where it would have made a difference, and I always found ways to work around it.

Either Spell Focus: Evocation or Spell Focus: Conjuration are required for the tier II Savant enhancements, looking over the spell lists the vast majority of your damage dealers will be Evocation, although a fair number of other spells are Conjurations. If you have good Spell Pen from past life feats or equipment then boosting the DC in another school isn't a bad idea.

You'll have few skill points, and almost all skills are cross-class for you. Keep Concentration maxed out. After that it comes down to personal preference. Balance is a good one you won't avoid getting knocked down, but good Balance lets you get up quickly.

Some quests require people with a high score in one to talk to an NPC to complete optionals Partycrashers comes to mind.

Diplomacy isn't a bad choice, most things that aggro me don't survive long enough to be an issue, except in epics where it can save your arse. Generally speaking you want to max out the enhancements for your primary element, and take the damage boost lines for a secondary element, as well as the Force line I don't bother with more than the first tier of the critical chance enhancements, just the main damage augmentation.

I choose not to take the second tier of WF Constitution and last tier of Racial Toughness because the high cost 8 points would have forced me to give up too much.

Note the specific list below is for a Fire Savant with a secondary in electrical; simply swap out the enhancements to your chosen element as appropriate. A lot of people are under the impression a Sorcerer is just a Wizard with fewer spells and more spell points, but Savants turn a sorcerer into what they should be, a specialist.

Without the extra feats and versatility of the Wizard, you really need to focus on what sorcerers are meant to do; dump massive amounts of damage. Many of the instant-kill effects are enchantment or necromancy based, which is more wizard territory, but no wizard is going to be able to compete with the sheer dps a 20th level savant is going to be able to put out within his own element. I'm not saying ignore finger of death or otto's sphere of dancing, just keep in mind they will never be as effective for you as they will be in the hands of a Pale Master or an Enchanter.