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All Location Types. Equipment Type Reset Filters. All Equipment Types. Electrical Power. Industrial And Rail Engines. Marine Engines. Vocational Trucks. On-Highway Truck Engines. Apply Filters Skip. Back to Search Results. Select as My Dealer Deselect Dealer. You're Leaving Cat.Explore our New Products. See the First All-hydraulic Backhoe. See us at the Tradeshow. The CEX Series buckets have a rugged, full-length double bottom design and side wear bars for uniform strength and durability.

They are tapered to ensure maximum fill and quick, easy dumping and are available in pin-on Gannon and quick-change Wain-Roy versions. A lifting lug is included on all pin-on buckets and straight or saw-tooth replaceable bolt-on side cutters are a great option. Wain-Roy and Gannon CEX buckets are available for 3- 5- and 8-ton duty classes and widths from 10 to 48 inches. Ideal for contractors, rental fleets, farmers, and municipalities. Tilting Buckets rotate up to a total of 90 degrees, 45 degrees on each side of center, for greater control and flexibility during ditch cleaning, grading, backfilling and loose material loading and unloading applications.

The tilting mechanism allows the bucket to rotate at various angles in order to form the surface to the desired shape without repositioning the machine. This is especially beneficial when working along roadways or in tight operating conditions. Jaw Buckets provide the versatility of a trenching bucket and a thumb in one unit without having to weld thumb brackets onto the boom.

Jaw Buckets are effective jobsite trenchers and haulers of cumbersome materials. Remove, load, and backfill material with the front jaw in the closed position and then use the hydraulically actuated jaw to pick and place large objects such as bolders, stumps, pipe, logs, concrete slabs and other debris.

Jaw Buckets are an effective multi-use tool for construction applications. Our Central Fabricators and Wain-Roy ripper buckets are used in a wide variety of severe applications where material is being both ripped and removed. Rip and dig with one attachment to increase performance and efficiency. As the current pass is dug and removed, the next pass is ripped and prepared. Standard applications for ripper buckets would include: Frozen ground, sandstone, limestone, caliche, shale, coral and other severe materials.

Our Gannon and Wain-Roy severe-duty buckets are specially designed to perform in extremely abrasive applications and high impact conditions. SD buckets incorporate high strength materials such as US steel and heavier material thickness for an extended bucket life, structural strength, and extreme durability.

SD buckets are also available in high capacity versions. Trapezoid and "V" buckets are also available.

Standard products exist for the specialty bucket classification but can also be designed for your specific needs. Ditching and Grading Buckets. Ditching and Grading Buckets are used for ditch cleaning, grading, backfilling and loose material loading applications.

They feature a wide and shallow tub design that offers a shorter tip radius allowing for the increased width without loosing material penetration. Ditching and Grading buckets are ideal for use in sand, topsoil and other loose of soft material. Our HD Series continues to be an acknowledged leader in excavation and backhoe buckets. They are designed to handle clay, gravel, compacted soils and loose rock applications.

With features like high-quality steel, bottom wear bars and exceptional craftsmanship, they offer strength and durability. Choose from either pin-on or quick-change designs. Wain-Roy and Gannon HD buckets are available for 3- 5- and 8-ton duty classes and widths from 10 to 48 inches. Select your country Canada United States.

ditch bucket

Further Reading Explore our New Products. Download the full product specs.Mini-Excavators are one of the most versatile and effective machines in excavation. TAG mini-excavator buckets and attachments are designed specifically to work with your machine. They feature superior strength, durability and dependability to give you the performance you expect. Thank you for your interest.

Please let us know what we can do for you by filling out the form below. Dealer Login Download Catalog 0 Items. Ditch Cleaning Buckets. Specialty Buckets. Internal triangle reinforcements offer superior strength and reduces bucket flexing and twisting. Router side plate maintains the clean dual taper design with superior retentions strength of the cutting edge to the side plate.

Double-bottom bucket shell with wrapped-over design yields the highest strength and bucket integrity with welds that are protected away from the flow of material. Double radius, dual-tapered profile offers greater bucket loading fill factors and increased machine production in all soil conditions.

Made in Tennessee. Heavy Duty Buckets.

Compact Excavator Buckets

Kubota Buckets. Deere Wedgelock Buckets. Bell Hole Buckets. HD Ripper Shank. Universal Top-Mount. Ingersoll Rand. New Holland. Need More Info? If you need even more information, download our full product PDF or contact us.

Product Resources View product guides and other resources. Contact Us Get in touch with someone for pricing and ordering today. Send Us a Message Thank you for your interest.

First Name. Email Address. Last Name. Phone Number.These buckets are ideal for utility trenching, general excavating and back-filling in soft to moderate ground.

With pin-on and quick coupler compatible versions available, there are a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Heavy Duty Buckets are designed to rapidly move a broad range of materials like mixed dirt, clay and rock with a balance of performance and durability so you get more done in less time. No matter if you pin your buckets directly to your machine, use a quick coupler to add versatility to your job portfolio, or you need the added penetration of a Heavy Duty Power Bucket, Caterpillar has you covered.

Use the bucket engineered specifically for your Cat Excavator to get the best digging and loading results. Contact your dealer to learn more. Heavy Duty Capacity Buckets are well suited for moving large quantities of material, such as during truck loading applications and are capable of moving greater volumes of material than the Heavy Duty Buckets.

ditch bucket

These buckets are machine-specific and are not interchangeable between machine model sizes. Buckets - Excavator Digging Buckets - Mini Excavator These buckets are ideal for utility trenching, general excavating and back-filling in soft to moderate ground.To print Used ditch cleaning bucket.

Kind of stick: standard Length of stick: mm Kind of bucket: ditch cleaning bucket adjustab Cutting width: mm Bucket condi Well-maintained machine with few operating hours.

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Buckets - Excavator

Used ditch cleaning buckets - listings. Advanced Filters. Hide Advanced Filters. Ditch Cleaning Equipment To print Used ditch cleaning bucket. Goudriaan, Netherlands.

ditch bucket

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The Rhinox Tilt Ditching bucket is the all in one solution for grading on an angle. No need for an expensive tilt quick hitch - just attach the tilt ditching bucket to your standard quick hitch or mount using standard bucket pins, hook up the hydraulics and you are ready to go.

The Rhinox Tilt Ditchers plug in to your standard auxilary or hammer hydraulics making it quick and easy to attach them ready for work. These products are manufactured to order, and are currently produced within 15 working days of order. Tilt Ditchers for the larger excavators are currently under development and will be released in the coming months.

Rhinox Tilt Ditching bucket.

V-Ditch Bucket

Supplied complete with the necessary hydraulics to fit straight onto your mini digger. This bucket has 1 ram that will enable Supplied complete with the necessary hydraulics to fit straight onto Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart.

Machine Model. Pin Diameter mm 25 30 32 35 38 40 45 50 55 60 65 Pin Centers mm. Smart Machine Search. Rhinox Tilt Ditching Buckets to fit 1. Sort by. You may also need Add to cart Default Title.Pad Foot Shell Kit. Pipe Grapple. Product Guide. Product Registration. Sales Service. Toll Free: Email: sales craigattachments. Featuring a larger capacity than our standard ditching bucket, the Craig Clean Up Bucket is ideal for cleaning out established ditches that have become overgrown over the years.

Equipped with drain holes for working in wet environments, this bucket can be equipped with either a straight or a serrated cutting edge for badly overgrown ditches. With a wide, shallow, smooth curl design — this bucket is ideal for cleaning ditches, grading, and aggregate work. With its low profile design, curved cheek plates and active attack angle, the Craig Quik Fill bucket is designed to minimize surface friction and maximize cycle time efficiency when loading and unloading the bucket.

The lengthened shell floor promotes smooth loading and unloading with minimal wasted movement. Instead of using breakout force to fill the bucket by curling the attachment, the Quik Fill bucket is designed to be pulled towards the machine — shaving material into the bucket in a smooth motion. This motion eliminates partial fills and excess spillage while also leaving the bucket closer to the open position to allow quicker dumping of the material. The Craig Hydraulic Angling Ditching Bucket has a flat cylinder design to keep the tip radius to a minimum.

This heavy-duty version of our Craig Hydraulic Angling Ditching Bucket is the perfect tool for all your ditching, grading, and contouring needs. The Craig Severe Service Hydraulic Angling Ditching bucket features a complete bucket weldment of Brinell steel, Brinell cheek plates, and hardened bushings at all pivot points. All rights reserved. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. We also use these cookies to track interactions on our website.

Check out our Privacy Policy for more information. Cutting edge is reversible and replaceable Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S Series, or Manual Bar Lock lugging Comes pre-drilled for bolt-on cutting edge Tapered shell profile for easy loading and dumping Horizontal wear bars standard.

Work quicker, on proper grade, without moving the machine Main hinge tilt pins are align bored for long life Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S Series, or Manual Bar Lock lugging Comes pre-drilled for bolt-on cutting edge. Newsletter Signup. Got it!