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He Also has several post rehabilitation certifications and has helped many people return to pain free training after serious injuries.

The details matter. Every piece of equipment we put in the gym has a purpose. We have specialty machines including a reverse hyper, Westside barbell Inverse curl, EliteFTS duathlon ham raise and more.

We're always adding to the gym's functionality every month - we can confidently say no other company puts as much back into their training space as Blacksmith. No generic programming. Every program is designed from the ground up around you and your goals.

With our unique focus on technical mastery, biomechanics, and customized programming, every single person who has trained with Blacksmith Fitness has come out stronger. Not everyone wants to lift lbs or become a professional athlete, If you'd like to fast track your progress with a science-based approach, and cut through all the misinformation, give us a shout through our contact page.

Our coaches have experience training everyone from runway models and bodybuilders, to seniors looking to regain their independence. Marina, Ed Coan, and Joel.

Joel, Josh Bryant, and Marina. Chris Duffin and Joel.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Availability shipping estimate: August The same world-famous style combo rack made with the highest degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail you've come to expect from EliteFTS. The Signature Competition Combo Rack truly is made for all-in-one competition use - providing rock-solid squat stands as well as an ultra-grippy and stable bench.

While a rack of this style has been available on the market for quite some time, we opted not to immediately jump in without our standard years worth of testing. Want different color options? Maybe a different pad color? Call and one of our customer service agents will gladly help you out!

Featured Gyms. One of the best parts of working for EliteFTS besides the diet advice from Dave is helping people create their own home gyms. Jim Wendler. Move that Ford Escort to the driveway, toss that box of old high school trophies in the trash; it's time to get serious. Team DOS just received the new Econo Prowler a couple months ago with the intent of using the hell out of it.

Chad Aichs. We have known for years that the Glute Ham Raise GHR was regarded as one the best movements for the posterior chain lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Dave Tate.

Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Your Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. New Items Bands Strength Equipment. Call Forums New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Power Rack vs Competition Rack.

Thread starter JeffC Start date Jun 11, JeffC Level 7 Valued Member. I am having to soon develop my basement and relocate my gym to the garage. My kids are getting to the point they need more space. The StrongArm Combo Rack They get pretty pricey, but this one from a local manufacturer is very reasonably priced. I am thinking of downsizing my collection of equipment and simplifying my training. I like this as a compact quality unit.

Others and myself have gotten very strong with only a platform, squat stands, a bench, bar, and plates. Its nice to have toys to play with but this is all you need to get strong as hell. I have also been considering a half rack that folds up against the wall, but this Competition rack is a very nice unit. What do you use or would prefer for garage gym lifting?

Elite Certified Instructor. Personally, I've been happy with a traditional power rack and a pair of squat stands. I bench in the power rack, and if I'm squatting and want safeties, I squat in it as well. I like being able to just take my bench out of my rack. The squat stands weren't expensive and for most squat training, they're fine. It also says it's available in the US. The StrongArm Combo rack is not meant to be a copy of those great products, the steel is not as heavy, the construction is not as "craftsman" precise.

Just don't buy it expecting something identical to a product that costs 4 or 5 times the price. I want one. I'm bookmarking your post. If I had room for my power rack and one of these, I think I'd get it, but I'm sentimentally attached to my power rack. Steve Freides With the Canadian Dollar the way it is you can definitely not go wrong.

I bought my Texas Power Bar from Mike, and was recommended him from others, he will go above and beyond for you. He had his rack and an ER Rack next to each other and they felt very similar.Rogue Fitness has been teasing the Combo Rack for quite a while. Rogue Fitness is known for making some of the best and most popular gym equipment currently on the market. For instance, making it all black. One of the best features of a combo rack is just how stable it can be for the amount of space it takes up.

One feature that I was most excited to see was the rollers that Rogue decided to go with. Instead of the metal rollers that many have been using, Rogue went with acetal rollers that can be replaced easily. This should lead to less barbell knurling wear over time, yet still allow side to side adjustments of the bar. The lever arm jack system allows the height of the j-cups to be adjusted quickly and easily while the bar is loaded.

This is extremely important for powerlifting meets, and is also nice when training with partners. Overall, due to the price and build, the Rogue Combo Rack is sure to be a popular option for those in need of a Combo Rack.

As far as Garage Gym's go, although this would be nice to have, most would benefit from the versatility of a power rack over a Combo Rack. However, if you're training for powerlifting competitions, it is nice to use the equipment you end up using at the competition.

EliteFTS Signature Competition Combo Rack

In comparison to the combo racks from ER Equipment and Eleiko, the Rogue Combo Rack which appears to be more stout, is also less expensive. I'm excited to see what kind of competition this stirs among other companies to compete on a value basis.

Featuring a LB weight stack, ability to do pulldowns and low rows, made in the USA construction, and a great warranty this is one of the best lat pulldown machines available Read More. We've compiled every colorway released by Nike in one place for your viewing pleasure.

The Rogue Mobility Wod Stick is a new mobility tool that is essentially a barbell in an easier to use size. Here's the details on the release. Rogue Combo Rack Released! Meeting IPF standards, this rack that combines the ability to squat and bench out of is sure to become the standard at most powerlifting meets. What our users say star star star star star 0 reviews.

Eleiko IPF Squat Stand/Bench - Charcoal

Own this product? Leave a Review. New Product Spotlight. Rogue Fitness. Rogue Combo Rack. All of these components come with tightening knobs for a lock-in set-up and extra peace of mind. When you want to switch between athletes of different sizes, the height of the J-cups can be quickly adjusted using our unique jack system—with no need to waste time removing plates from your barbell.

Simply use the lever arms to raise or lower the position, referring to the laser-cut numbers in the uprights for guidance. Both the jack handles and the telescoping tubes of the uprights are made from stainless steel, as are the 4 machined pins used to set the upright height. Storage for these pins is integrated into the jacks themselves. The Combo Rack comes equipped with a lever-arm jack system and telescoping uprights to enable custom height adjustments without having to remove plates from the bar in advance.

Because there are two separate pairs of J-cups one set for Squat and one for Benchthe racked bar height is adjustable from a minimum height of Shorter athletes can also elect to use the higher bench J-cup positions for squats.

The telescoping tubes are made from stainless steel.The Eleiko Rack Bar, NxG is designed specifically for the unique requirements and heavy use in gym and fitness environments where bars are regularly used on benches and in racks, and see a lot of action. The knurling is milder and appropriate for a wider audience, and is removed entirely where the bar meets the racks, benches, and j-cups, protecting the bar and your equipment.

Made of ultra-clean Swedish steel, Eleiko Powerlifting bar are exceptionally strong to withstand loads up to kg. Equipped with bushings to provide optimal performance for powerlifting. The quality of the steel and diameter gives the bar the ultimate stiffnes and the feeling of stability in the lift. If you are looking for the Eleiko quality and performance for mixed use environments.

If you want a bar that keeps your benches and racks in good shape, this is the bar for you. Eleiko has since earned a reputation for unmatched quality and performance.

Our champion approved bars have been used to set more than 1, World Records, a number that keeps rising as athletes chose Eleiko and raise their bars high, smashing more records in the process.

Back when it all began inEleiko worked closely with our Swedish steel supplier to make a unique steel, a proprietary mix that was pure and incredibly strong, yet flexible as well. The Eleiko steel is known for its unique characteristics, offering an exceptional balance of strength and flexibility optimized for lifting. Each bar has a knurling that is optimized for each distinct use. Our barbells are hand crafted in our Halmstad factory. Special Swedish steel forged for Eleiko serves as the foundation of our bars.

From there, skilled craftsmen meticulously build each bar - turning the sleeves, applying the knurling, and ensuring the final assembly is done to our exacting standards. Eleiko bars are rigorously tested, the performance unmatched and our quality guaranteed. When you buy Eleiko you are making an investment in the best equipment available; equipment that can be found in daily use decades after it has been delivered.

The bars are packed in high quality, custom packaging to ensure they arrive in a timely manner, in the same pristine condition they left our factory. Our bars are backed by our lifetime guarantee. For your own safety as well as bar care we recommend dropping your bar only on an Eleiko platform or similar quality surface.

eleiko combo rack

To keep your bar beautiful, do not expose the coating to extremely sharp edges and humidity. Eleiko bars are to be dropped on protected floor, we recommended an Eleiko Platform. They are not to be stored loaded on a rack, and are for indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

Find full warranty details and descriptions here. Currency See more Currency "Close Cart". On Sale. There was an error signing up for restock notifications.Our popular heavy duty bench has been modified to include an easily removable bench so that you can now do squats with it also, just like on the much more expensive ER rack that we sell, and Eleiko racks seen in IPF World meets.

A meticulously designed all-inclusive competition grade bench press and squat rack. Like to lift heavy? Of course you do. This is the rack you need, the rack that can handle any weight, and keep you safe.

With band pegs, adjustable safety catchers, adjustable bar height and a spotter platform. Meets IPF legal dimensions. Adjustment Levers Everyone is different, body size, arm length, hand positions all vary. The chances of two lifters working out together needing the bar at exactly the same height is remote. Now you can adjust it in seconds, without needing to lift the weight directly, let a lever handle do the hard part.

Simulate the Competition feel Simulate the feel of meet day with a rack that feels the same as the ER or Eleiko that you will use in the contest. All the proper dimensions as a contest rack. Save Space Space is always at a premium in home gyms, even in most commercial gyms.

Similar to a cage rack, one rack that allows you to squat and bench in the same space is a good thing. Band pegs. Band resistance has become an absolute essential when training the big three and many squat racks have been designed to accommodate this style of training.

eleiko combo rack

Problem is most bench press designs are stuck in the stone age. Our bench has 2 adjustable pegs on each side allowing you to attach bands to create a variable tension. Nylon Rollers To protect that expensive new bar you are using.

eleiko combo rack

Don't have a bar yet? Try one of ours. It has a powerful design. The rack handles up to 1,lbs, enough to accommodate even the top lifters in the world.

The adjustable safety catches and spotter platform ensures the safety of the user. Safeties Customers for our ER brand racks often ask if they can use the safety bars for squatting. The StrongArm rack has TWO solutions to this: 1 the base of the rack has holes to allow it to be bolted to the floor and 2 the plate storage pins at the front can be loaded up as counter-balance. Both methods will prevent rollover but we recommend bolting it down if possible.

Racks IN! While the rack itself does not tilt to the IN position, an attachment has been developed that will allow this. Read about it on this page. Shown on one photo.

The StrongArm Combo rack is not meant to be a copy of those great products, the steel is not as heavy, the construction is not as "craftsman" precise. Just don't buy it expecting something identical to a product that costs 4 or 5 times the price. I purchased a Strongarm Combo rack, Titex bar and collars. Mike was very quick responding to any issues I had.

The material shipped in less than 2 weeks, all the way to Ontario. Everything was packaged neat and organized, made it very easy to assemble. Love it!Our story, six decades in the making, is filled with bold ideas and ambitious goals. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to quality and performance, we work tirelessly to make people stronger.

Eleiko's new headquarters brings together strength innovation, manufacturing, learning, and world-class sporting and community events under one roof. A Swedish family owned and operated business which, sincehas never wavered from its mission of producing the world's finest strength products.

Being socially responsible and sustainable is integral to living up to our values and realizing our vision of building a stronger world. For 60 years our equipment has raised the bar and set new standards for weightlifting equipment. Today, we continue this practice and provide cutting-edge tools essential for building strength and unlocking human potential. Location Settings Language Swedish English. Save changes Close. Close Save changes.

Buy your Eleiko Premium Home Gym now! Visit shop. Strong Solutions. Collaborating with Customers to Bring Concepts to Life for 60 years. Learn More. Bespoke Home Gyms. Work with our team of experts to design custom training spaces for your home.

Work with a rep. Please Drop The Weights. Show me more. A Hub in the Global Strength Community. A Legacy in Weightlifting. Social Responsibility. Product Development.