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A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Diana is a huge fan of Chinese culture. Chinese dramas are some of her favorite series to watch. Even if you already are addicted to Chinese dramas, this list will help you increase your addiction! This top list features some of the best, most popular Chinese dramas. Also, make sure you vote in the poll for your favorite C-drama! Based on a 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this historical Chinese drama tells us about the historical events of the Han dynasty, which has been ruling the country for years.

While the novel describes events that span for more than a century, the drama covers only 20 years: from year till the very decline of the Han Dynasty. The Secret of Three Kingdoms accurately depicts major historical events, with some liberties though.

[ENG SUB] Love Cures All 22 (Jia Nailiang, Wang Ziwen)

However, the story will keep surprising you at every turn even if you know the course of the historical events. Notice that the drama is inspired by the novel that had numerous adaptations! If you are looking for a great story-line, give a try to this historical series. However, if you expect a very emotional drama, it's not the best choice for you, look somewhere else.

Betrayal, love, revenge, intrigue, struggle. The King's Woman has a lot of such things! The story revolves around SunLi, the disciple and grand-daughter of a military commander. When chaos comes, she has no choice but to leave her home. In fact, she leaves not alone but with her fellow disciple whom she has known since the very childhood. That's the time when they become dependent on each other even more, and finally, they fall in love.

One day he is injured, and SunLi enters the palace and marries Ying Zheng in order to get the medicine. That's when the story gets even a more interesting turn.

The girl must fight to live in the harem and gain respect among others. Basically, it's an obsessive romance drama with a love triangle type of plot, but the basic story is really about the First Emperor of China. If you are looking for an engrossing historical drama with a beautiful cinematography, well developed and multidimensional characters, The King's Woman should be in your must-watch list! Don't hesitate to watch the historical if you don't like palace politics, it's easy to follow since it focuses more on romance.

The story centers on a young guy, a talented painter with a mental disease. The world has lost all its colors to him. At this difficult time in his life, he gets to know a cute girl who becomes his true remedy, helps him heal his mental wounds and fight for his big dreams. You may not get very emotionally invested into this drama, but if you are in the mood for a good, light watch with likable characters, The Endless Love is just the ticket! If you like spy dramas, here's an interesting one for you.

The story of Lost in takes place in Communist China. It tells us the story of two people who get to know each other by chance but happen to fall in love. They both are ready to devote their lives to serve the country. Basically, the story revolves around a man who is suddenly set free from prison and a woman, a Communist agent, who is ordered to get valuable information for the party. She is returning home to visit the grave of her husband. It happens so that they bump into each other and take each other's briefcase by mistake.

While searching for her briefcase with an important transmitter inside of it, the agent becomes acquainted with an intelligent, kind person.

If you seeking a memorable and exciting Chinese drama that you would want to rewatch over and over again, Legend of Fuyao is made for you! It has not only political plots but a lot of relationship storylines as well as human growth stories.

love cures all synopsis

The growth of Fu Yao herself as a person is perfectly seen in the drama.The story conference for the film was held in April [3] with no working title yet. Production has pushed through in May and it was released on August 30, to box office success. Feeling out place in her own home, an eccentric and socially awkward girl, Mika Julia Barrettodecides to go on a road trip with a very strange goal — to look for aliens.

In her trip, Mika accidentally bumps into a simple and good-humored boy, Caloy Joshua Garciawhom she chooses to give a free ride to until he reaches his destination. Mika is surprised to know that Caloy has cancer. But despite his condition, he has learned to accept his fate and remained positive and joyful. The two embark on a roadtrip filled with adventures and misadventures, not knowing that it will lead them to experiencing their most memorable romance at such a young age.

They unexpectedly teach each other an important lesson on love and life — one that takes most people a lifetime to learn. Love You to the Stars and Back was released on August 30, The film received generally positive feedback and glowing reviews from critics. Oggs Cruz of Rappler lauded the film's use of realistic scenes of extended conversations as opposed to very brisk romantic instances.

He also praised Garcia's and Barretto's acting, calling them "astute and delightful", respectively. He also praised the film's slow build of melodrama and the acting abilities and the chemistry of the lead actors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Julia Barretto Joshua Garcia.

love cures all synopsis

Retrieved 22 June Star Cinema. Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 18 September The Neighborhood. Films of Antoinette Jadaone. Categories : Filipino-language films films Philippine films Philippine romantic comedy films Star Cinema films. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Charo Santos-Concio Malou Santos.Ye Lin takes An Jie to the pavilion and tries to touch her. But she avoids him. He asks her if she needs him, and she wants to leave. But he hugs her. She asks him what he is doing after shaking off him. He confesses that he never forgot her the past six years and wants to be in love again. Ye Lin offers to treat the classmates, and Xiao Di asks for the most expensive wine.

Ya Li asks An Jie if she got many boyfriends overseas. Piao Zhen stops the waiter giving wine to An Jie, and Ye Lin wonders why she turned into an obedient woman. She says that everything can be changed after six years.

An Jie goes to restroom, and Ye Lin follows her. Xi Chen tells Nian Yi not to be like a dissatisfied housewife when he wants to have a talk.

But Nian Yi asks Xi Chen to compensate him for the loss of girls. Xi Chen tells Nian Yi to choose him. Jia Zhen asks An Jie if she is uncomfortable.

He asks her to drink the wine, and thinks she has more guts than six years ago. An Jie drinks the wine up and passes out. Nie Yi wonders why Xi Chen left. An Jie looks for Elvis in her dream, and Piao Zhen wakes her up. He thinks she should apologize to herself instead, and blames her for drinking up the red wine.

She reveals she never passed out before, and he asks her to promise him not to drink so much.Chinese romantic dramas are super entertaining for lots of reasons: the cast is always beautiful, the storylines always super complicated and layered, and they usually go for at least 40 episodes, so you end up immersed in the world and a little broken when it's all over.

So without further ado, here's five romantic Chinese dramas you're bound to fall in love with the second you start watching. A romance that lets us follow them from high school through to adulthood, this story kicks off with our leads as high schoolers who are definitely secretly in love with each other and they've been friends since childhood!

While Chen Xiaoxi Shen Yue is a bright and cheerful girl, her friend Jiang Chen Hu Yitian is indifferent towards people - but of course there's an exception when it comes to her. This is one of the most watched Chinese modern dramas ever, with 24 billion views online for good reason. Two uni students, played by Yang Yang and Zheng Shuangare also professional gamers get married to participate in a couples' tournament.

But it seems that one of them may have been harbouring a crush from long ago They solve crimes together while also unraveling their own pasts, which may potentially be connected. This cute odd-couple romance has a supernatural twist. She's then forced to awkwardly share her home with him, but of course the bickering gives way to deeper feelings - but will his powers keep them apart?

Of course his persistence gives way to love, and then the drama begins! There's not enough time to cover everything that happens in this show, but if there's a drama cliche, it's in here. Settle in for the long haul on this one! Who do you and your crew wanna dress like? SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia.

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Love Actually

Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. If you need a rom com fix, these are the shows for you. A Love So Beautiful A romance that lets us follow them from high school through to adulthood, this story kicks off with our leads as high schoolers who are definitely secretly in love with each other and they've been friends since childhood!

Love O2O This is one of the most watched Chinese modern dramas ever, with 24 billion views online for good reason. My Amazing Boyfriend This cute odd-couple romance has a supernatural twist. In Social. Vertical Tabs Audio Track. Listen now. Subscribe now. Android App. Police find 17 bodies piled in US nursing home following anonymous tip.A story about a corporate executive who gets acquainted with a kendo coach and resorts to different ways to get close to her, silently protecting her as she slowly walks out from a painful past.

Xiao Shui Guang has become depressed after the death of her boyfriend. Because of an accident, she meets one of her student's older brother.

Zheng Lan recognizes Shui Guang as the woman who gave him the inspiration to get into gaming and he starts to actively pursue her. He says, "You protect your secret, I will protect you. Luo Zhi also comes into the picture and opens up to Shui Guang. Edit Translation. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 7.

Score: 7. Add Cast. Jiang Chao Zhang Zheng Lan.

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Sierra Li Xiao Shui Guang. Pang Han Chen Luo Zhi. Qi Hang Liang Cheng Fei. View all 5. Write Review. Other reviews by this user 0. May 22, 40 of 40 episodes seen. Completed 0. Overall 7. Story 7. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel. Oct 26, 40 of 40 episodes seen. View all. Add Recommendations. There have been no recommendations submitted. Be the first and add one. New Topic. Be the first to create a discussion for To Love, To Heal.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated.Love's Cure, or The Martial Maid is an early seventeenth-century stage play, a comedy in the canon of John Fletcher and his collaborators. First published in the Beaumont and Fletcher folio ofit is the subject of broad dispute and uncertainty among scholars. In the words of Gerald Eades Bentley"nearly everything about the play is in a state of confusion The play's Prologue mentions Beaumont and Fletcher by name, while the Epilogue refers to a single author, probably meaning the reviser.

Cyrus Hoyin his survey of authorship problems in Fletcher's canon, produced a detailed breakdown of authorship shares among scenes, portions of scenes, and single speeches. The date of the play is equally in dispute. Most scholars favour an estimate of c. Massinger, who served as a house dramatist for the King's Men through the mature phase of his career in the s, may have done his revision of the play for a revival by that company, as he did for other Fletcher plays.

Twenty years earlier, Alvarez had killed Vitelli's uncle in a dueland had fled Spain with his small son Lucio, leaving behind his wife Eugenia and daughter "Posthumia. Serving during the Siege of OstendAlvarez's son Lucio distinguished himself for bravery, and as his reward begged his father's pardon.

Vitelli, however, is determined to fulfill the demands of his code of honour and obtain revenge for his uncle's death. Alvarez's family situation reveals surprising complexities.

Conversations between Alvarez and his "son" "Lucio," and between "daughter" "Posthumia" and the family servant Bobadilla, disclose two masquerades: the "Lucio" who won his father's pardon in battle is actually Alvarez's daughter Clara, who has been raised as a boy and has developed into a formidable warrior; and "Posthumia" is the real Lucio. Eugenia, left behind by her husband, concealed Lucio's gender to protect him from the vengeance of "Vitelli and his faction," and raised the boy as a girl.

Now that the disguises are no longer necessary, the parents expect their children to accept their "natural" and socially appropriate roles as male and female; but both Lucio and Clara resist the change and cling to their long-familiar gender guises. Clara cannot resist her combative instincts; when a street brawl breaks out between the Vitelli and Alvarez factions, she draws a sword and plunges in.

Yet when she sees Vitelli fighting bravely, alone against her father and a follower, she so admires his courage that she fights on his side and saves him.

The two are instantly attracted to each other. The situation is complicated, though, when Clara learns that Vitelli maintains a sexual relationship with the courtesan Malroda.

The courtesan exploits Vitelli for gold and jewels, but is enamored of a man named Piorato — who, jealous of the nobleman, exposes Vitelli's affair to Clara.

She is distressed by the knowledge — yet when Vitelli is set upon by Piorato and his followers, Clara grabs a sword and saves Vitelli again. The two come to an understanding: once Vitelli sees that he must give up sexual license, and once Clara is ready to sacrifice her masculine behaviours, they can agree to become husband and wife. Alvarez tries several approaches to make his son Lucio more masculine, but without much success; he grows increasingly desperate and exasperated.

In another street fight, elements of both factions are set upon by a gang of would-be thieves; Lucio finally fights when he sees his father in danger. He also meets Vitelli's sister Genevora, and the two of them quickly fall in love. The King of Spain, tired of the long-running feud and civil strife, issues a proclamation allowing Vitelli and Alvarez to resolve their difference through a trial by combat. When the time for the combat comes, the intended duellists are interrupted by Clara, Genevora, and Eugenia, who plead for a peaceful resolution.

The combatants are obdurate; but when the three women arm themselves with swords and a pistol and threaten to fight too, the men finally accept a peaceful compact. With the feud pacified, Vitelli and Clara, and Lucio and Genevora, are free to marry. The play supplies abundant comic material through the corrupt constable Alguazeir and his group of tradesmen, who plan to become thieves but without the competence needed for success.

Verbal fireworks between Malroda and Piorato, and Bobadilla and various characters, also contribute. Love's Cure is one of the mere dozen plays in the Fletcher canon that were not revived in the Restoration era [5] — somewhat surprisingly, since the play exploits the titillation factor of gender cross-dressing.

It was, however, reprinted in a single-play quarto edition in The manifold problems about Love's Cure inevitably complicate the scholarly and critical response to the play.Watch ' All Out of Love ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Can you fight through your emotions when you know something is wrong? When their feelings for each other turn into more, despite not being blood related, they both try to suppress their feelings because they feel it is wrong.

love cures all synopsis

Years later, Liang Sheng gets into a car accident and disappears without a trace. Tian You falls in love with Jiang Sheng, and the two get married. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! TV All Out of Love. Channel Manager. Manage Followers.

About Can you fight through your emotions when you know something is wrong? But when Liang Sheng reappears, what difficult choices will Jiang Sheng have to make? Episodes 70 See all. Sun Yi Main Cast. Ma Tian Yu Main Cast.

Wallace Chung Main Cast. Wang Zhi Supporting Cast. Cast - All Out of Love. Zoey Meng Supporting Cast. Wang He Run Supporting Cast.

[ENG SUB] Love Cures All 10 (Jia Nailiang, Wang Ziwen)

Alan Yu Supporting Cast. Never Sad Team. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!