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Lipripr Started Friday at PM.

optimax oil reservoir not filling

Hachimo Started 5 hours ago. Instant Fishing Reports. Direct to your inbox. Keep catch records. Fishing Magazine. So I ended up running my onboard tank low and the motor reserve tank started feeding the motor. Long story short the 4 beep alarm came on and wont go away until reserve the tank is full. I filled the large onboard tank however the reserve tank is not filling itself.

It seems like the reserve tank needs to be bled? Does anyone know if you just loosen the cap and run the motor? Anyone with any experience or advice I would be glad to hear from.

Had an optimax and ran into the same issue numerous times which would result in the alarm going off and the motor going into safe mode with only minimal power. Not fun when you are quite a ways from shore As above, loosen the cap while running and it will draw the oil into the reservoir.

Just be careful not to over tighten when done or you will strip the plastic threads. I ended up replacing the reservoir and the oil level sensor and that fixed the issue. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. It happened again fishinfreak Started 14 hours ago. Tr1 gold guys phil2 Started July 4. It happened again fishinfreak Posted 27 minutes ago.

Braddocks Sat 18th dickey Posted 6 hours ago. Fixed cheater duolock snaps for sale. Reduced price troubles Posted 14 hours ago. Join Mailing List Direct to your inbox. Fishing Log Keep catch records. LO Outdoors Fishing Magazine. Jul Aug Sep Maintaining your Mercury outboard's hydraulic tilt system will ensure that your system works as well and as long as your engine, and perhaps longer.

One major factor in the wear of hydraulic systems, like your tilt system, is operating without the correct amount of oil, or the wrong kind of oil. Be sure to follow the recommendations in your tilt system's operating manual for recommendations on the type and weight of oil to be used and check the level regularly as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Find your trim pump.

The easiest way to do this is by following the oil line from the tilt system, back toward your tilt control, or from your tilt control. While the pump is located in different places on different boats, with a Mercury outboard, it's usually tucked under some deck access plat in the rear of the boat.

Unscrew the recessed screw cap, usually on the front right corner of the pump.

How to Add Tilt Oil in a Mercury Outboard

This is the oil filler cap. Remove the cap completely. Check the oil level in the pump. The oil should come up to the second thread on the filler spout. Use your oil can with a flexible hose to fill the oil up to that level. Raise and lower the motor about six times to bleed air out of the system. Screw the oil pump filler cap back on. Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects.

A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history.

Mercury 200 OptiMax Manual

Items you will need Recommended oil Oil can with a flexible spout. Raise your motor using your tilt control. About the Author.Each time I had to bleed air out of the [under-cowling] oil tank in order for the system to fill the [under-cowling] oil tank and start drawing oil from the [remote] tank.

If I don't bleed out the air at the [under-cowling oil] tank the system will continue to draw oil only from the [under-cowling oil tank]. The dealer has not fixed it in multiple attempts. I end up adding oil to [the under-cowling oil tank in order] to stop the alarms. This has become a real problem. If your main tank is not holding air pressure, you'll never fill the under cowling tank. With the motor running for about four minutes, remove the cap to the main tank. You should hear a hiss as the air pressure leaks out.

If no hiss, there's your problem. Your main tank or its cap is leaking, or the air pressure system is leaking or not generating air pressure.

It's not rocket science, just basic troubleshooting. Last thing I did to the Nantucket was tighten down on the oil fill cap. Also, can't help but comment on how easily the Optimax starts. As you have noted, the system uses a pressurization of the remote oil tank to force oil flow to the motor.

There is a procedure given for how to bleed air from the system. I have good pressure, no leaks and after three hours running I get the oil reserve alarm and oil is being depleted from the reservoir despite a full remote tank. I top off the reservoir to get rid of alarm; the problem reoccurs again over time. Dealer can't fix it and last week, I watched the port engine blow smoke and empty the reservoir [to half-full] while at idle in four minutes.

I hope this latest development will help the dealer. Thank you in advance for any help. If it is drawing oil so fast that you can watch it go down in the under-cowling tank there is something wrong with the control system to regulate oil flow. But, before you start looking at the expensive oil pump and computer, I'd do one more diagnostic test first.

Try this: Remove the oil hose not the air hose from the remote tank.

Mercury 225 Pro XS User Manual

Start the motor, and see if you get oil coming out the fitting on the remote tank where you removed the hose. If you don't you have some kind of obstruction in the tank pickup. The pickup has a very fine mesh filter screen and it gets surprisingly dirty and clogged with a thickened film of who knows what. I clean mine annually. If all looks good and oil flows out that fitting, then put the hose back on and go ahead and remove it inside the engine cowl where it attaches to the under cowl tank.

Plug the fitting where you removed the hose, start the motor, and see if after a few minutes you get oil out the hose. If no, then something under the deck is obstructing the hose.The [under-cowling] oil tank never went dry, but the fault alarm did not turn off. I used the boat again and the [Mercury SmartCraft gauge] started counting down reserve oil percentages.

When the percent got to percent, the motor would not go above 1, RPM. Any help will be great. Thanks Mike. This will get you back at percent.

optimax oil reservoir not filling

You have air in the line Tighten [the caps on the remote and under-cowling] tank[s]. You willl be OK. If the reset depends on the condition which was causing the alarm being remedied, it appears that you have not remedied the condition causing the alarm.

Perhaps there is a failed sensor. A float switch that has become stuck would be an example of such a failed sensor. The on motor tank will be drawn down because no oil is getting from the main tank. Smartcraft guage gives you percentage drops in 5 percent increments. Goes to guardian at 35 percent I think. I get this once in a while. If the tank looks like its at 35 percent then the sensor is doing its job. I get this once a month usually after filling the main tank. Tightening the oil tank lids and refilling on board tank always fixes it.

YOu can't reset the sensor. It will do it itself when you fill.

optimax oil reservoir not filling

Works for me. I agree that you may have air in your system. I think there are instructions in the owners manual on how to bleed out the air, but I can give you the high points.

I remember something about moving the throttle forward to put the engine or guage in reset mode. See the manual or you can search for the instructions on this site. I think I keyed them in for another post a year or two ago. If you dont have the manual or cant find the instructions, email me and i will get them for you from my manual. Here are the main points I can remember: Fill up your main oil tank. Remove the engine cowling.

Tilt the ingine so the oil reserve tank is level. Remove the reserve tank cover. Make sure all other oil covers are on tight. Start the engine. It may take a few moments, but the oil reservoir tank will fill forcing out air. Once it is full, screw the cap on the reservoir. That shold remove the air and solve the problem.I would really appreciate it if you have it. Thanks and be well Here you go! Duplication in whole or in part of this Web site without express written consent is prohibited.

CFF Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation Chattanooga Fishing Forum. You are logged in as a guest. Logon Register Now! Spread the word del. Previous :: Next. Message format Flat Threaded Nested. Regular Posts: 80 Getting 4 beeps AT rpm rev limiter kicks in.

I shutdown and went back home. From everything Ive checked so far it apears to be a switch in the bottom of the oil tank. Anyone know if this can be changed or should i change oil tank out with new one and bleed the oil system? Veteran Posts: Location: Up River I'm no mechanic by no means but I've got a EFI and took the oil injection off. Paul Nichols said it wasn't a matter of if it would go out but when. Now I just mix my oil and gas manually, a little aggervating but I know for sure that its getting oil.

You might look into that but a might be different? Elite Veteran Posts: Is the oil reservoir completely full? If not start the motor and crack the cap open and let it vent until oil comes out. Holler at wrenchin2 here on the forum; He can hook you up. How about it Wrenchin. Should the oil inj go? The motor is a But im 3rd owner. The book said if oil injection system fails the oil will gravitiy feed to motor. I think I would feel better mixing my oil. I was told this will cause it to run rich and foul plugs sooner.

But it will be running to do something. Better than a blown block. I have a efi and I was told that it could NOT be removed. It is a 3-liter. Expert Posts: Location: Dunlap Tn Remember Me? Forum Main Technical Discussion Oil tank on engine not completely full, oil alarm going off.

User Tag List. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Oil tank on engine not completely full, oil alarm going off. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Oil tank on engine not completely full, oil alarm going off. Book says "electric oil pump not working, supplying oil to engine". I get 4 beeps every 2 minutes. I put a piece of wire into tank and pulled up on the float and alarm quits.

optimax oil reservoir not filling

The float is moving freely. The oil level doesn't get any lower in the tank on the motor, the one in the boat does, so it's pumping oil to the engine mounted tank. Is there a specific procedure to fill the tank mounted reservoir? What keeps the oil from overflowing you might say if it has constant pressure coming from the boat mounted tank? Is it just not enough pressure to matter. My oil level stays about 1" below the fill port on the front of the tank. Try running the motor with the reservoir cap off Hope this helps Good Luck.

If the cap is loose on the boat tank so it won't build up pressure, or the lines are kinked or pinched or the pickup screen is plugged Check the caps and lines. When you fix the fault, then run the engine with the engine tank cap loosened. Run it till it just starts to overflow, then tighten the cap.

Don't get carried away tightening it, as the cap is easily broken, and expensive. Or has the res. Would be a good thing to look at. Yes this is true but reeds have to be in good shape inorder for the crankcase pulse to be pushed thru the ck valve. Originally Posted by syclone I am a little confused of the "check valve" on the motor.

Would this check valve be under the plate where the pressure hose exits the block??? Is this correct??? The 6 reed is interesting as well. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.Quick Links. See also: Service ManualOwner's Manual. Welcome Aboard! Proper care and maintenance is an important part in keeping.

The enclosed Owner's. Is your engine properly registered for warranty purpose? If the CE mark is accompanied by a notified body number, the. Outboard engines starting A. Module used for exhaust emission assessment: Module H. Table of Contents. Boat Mercury Service Manual 64 pages. Proper care and maintenance is an important part in keeping your Mercury Product operating at peak efficiency for maximum performance and economy.

Refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for full details of your warranty coverage. Patrick C. Page 9: Warranty Information 1.

To be eligible for warranty coverage, the product must be registered with Mercury Marine. Page 13 Mercury dealer authorized to service the product. If purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to Mercury. We will then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair.

Page Year Limited Warranty Against Corrosion No individual or entity, including Mercury Marine authorized dealers, has been given authority by Mercury Marine to make any affirmation, representation or warranty regarding the product, other than those contained in this limited warranty, and if made, shall not be enforceable against Mercury Marine. Page 16 Mercury dealer authorized to service the product. The following information explains some of the types of services that are not covered by warranty.

Page 19 8. Use of other than Mercury Precision or Quicksilver parts when making warranty repairs. Oils, lubricants or fluids changed as a matter of normal Our limited warranty does not apply to any damage to our products caused by the installation or use of parts and accessories which are not manufactured or sold by us. Failures which are not related to the use of those parts or accessories are covered under warranty if they otherwise meet the terms of the limited warranty for that product.

It is strongly recommended that each operator driver read and understand this entire manual before operating the outboard. Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basics of starting and operating the outboard and boat handling in case the driver is unable to operate the boat. Outboard Remote Control Models The remote control connected to your outboard must be equipped with a start in neutral only protection device. Page Propeller Selection When choosing a propeller, a full selection of aluminum and stainless steel propellers specifically designed for your outboard are available through Mercury Marine.

To view the entire product offering and find the correct propeller that is best suited for your application, visit www. Propellers are designated by the diameter, pitch, number of blades, and material. The diameter and pitch are stamped cast into the side or the end of the propeller hub. Aluminum is suitable for general purpose use and is standard equipment on many new boats. This can cause a sudden, unexpected loss of boat control, resulting in serious injury or death due to occupants being thrown within or out of the boat.

However, the boat will not complete a full circle. While the boat is coasting, it can cause injury to anyone in the boat's path as seriously as the boat would when under power. Do not allow any passengers to stand or use seats other than those designated for traveling faster than idle speed.

A sudden reduction in boat speed, such as plunging into a large wave or wake, a sudden throttle reduction, or a sharp change of boat direction, could throw them over the front of the boat.