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It's Rockstar's most expansive and hyper-realistic open world game to date; the player character's hair and beard grow in real time, you can interact with every single NPC you come across in game, all of your weapons require regular maintenance, and the map is so large it's almost better to use a second screen app to navigate! What makes the game so fun for us isn't just the big picture, but also the tiny details. Outside of the many hours of gameplay involved in the core campaign, there are hours and hours of side missions and storylines to follow.

It takes a lot of focus and determination to load up this game and stick to the main path. But fear not! If and when you do take a break from the story of Arthur Morgan you'll be rewarded. As is always the case in Rockstar games, there are dozens of easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. Easter eggs in the Red Dead Redemption Universe come in all shapes and sizes: references to movies, references to other Rockstar games, chilling supernatural experiences, and more.

After that, head to the river just west of the Wapiti Indian Reservation and follow a flock of birds to an inaccessible cave.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC graphics settings guide

Head to Bluewater Marsh late at night and go exploring to find one of two equally spooky things: some of their victims hanging from trees, or a crying woman. But be warned! Look directly at one of these poor unfortunate souls, or interact with the woman and the Nite Folk will come pouring out of the trees and try to claim you as their next victim. The events of Undead Nightmare were kicked off by the discovery and subsequent wearing of a strange green mask. It turns out developers have hidden the same mask in the world of Red Dead 2.

Look over the shoulder of the shopkeeper in St. Is this a foreshadowing of things to come? Unquestionably so, as the events of this game are a prequel to the first, but whether the undead will make an appearance in game outside of their cameo in Bluewater Marsh is yet to be seen.

Is it a western without trains? Definitely not. How about ghosts? We don't think so. The first transcontinental railway was finished inthirty years before the events of Red Dead 2, and certainly played a big part in a major theme of the game's story: the settling of the "wild west".

True to history, Rockstar has trains running all over the in game map, and true to their "let's make everything interactable" philosophy, you can board and rob every single one of them. Well, almost every single one. One of the harder to track down easter eggs in this vein is the ghost train of Lemoyne.

Head to the tracks just outside of town around 3AM and camp out to spot it. It may take a few evenings, but eventually it will eerily float by on its way to You'll have an easier time of spotting it if you hang out near the Lemoyne sign. In the s the Bender family lived in Kansas until, one day, a mass grave was found in their backyard.

Sound familiar? The mass grave you wake up in at the Aberdeen farm bears a striking resemblance to this historical horror story.

After dealing with them, be sure to explore their property thoroughly. There is some speculation she could be one of the Nite Folk, or infected by some other plague. Al Gore was right! Well, sort of. Ok, ok, we know he's really talking about global warming.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By sakkloteOctober 27, in Red Dead Redemption 2. Anyone else having this problem? Especially mountains and trees are flickering all the time.

At first i thought it was the snow, but apparently not. PS: I have a ps4 GB, bought shortly after release, so it's not 'new'. Tried playing with brightness and sharpness and even color blind settings, but no effect. First and foremost, welcome to the forum sakklote.

I have yet to see this problem in the game, that is very odd. First thing I would do is report this to Rockstar immediately. Knowing the game just came out, their will obviously be bugs on the first day launch patch. Report this issue to Rockstar so they can handle it in the next patch! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Red Dead Redemption 2.

Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Twitter. Howdy Stranger! Flickering landscape??? Recommended Posts.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC – Performance Guide

Posted October 27, Any ideas? Thanks guys! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 28, Posted October 28, edited. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Even at Medium settings, the game is a resource hog, but thankfully the difference between Medium, High, and Ultra settings are not vast visually.

They are, however, oceans apart in some cases concerning performance. This guide should give you a good idea as to what will make your PC buck like a wild bronco, and what can be safely turned down without sacrificing the pretty. There are over 16 graphics options to fiddle with in Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, with 23 additional options in the Advanced settings. Reflections, for reasons well beyond me and others, are equally murderous. Noticeable when you stop and take notes, sure, but certainly not in motion.

Keep reflections at Medium or High if you have the hardware for itfiguring out which of the two works best for you. With my configuration, I personally keep them at Medium, allowing me more room to push other settings in the game to Ultra. Water Physics will drown your framerate at the highest settings. Finally, we have Near Volumetric Resolution. In Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, however, there are three volumetric options in the Advanced settings you can fiddle with, and of them Near Volumetric Resolution goes well above and beyond the other two when it comes to its frame-chomping power.

Turn this setting down to high or medium to see improved performance without affecting how the game looks too dramatically.

What Are The Trail Trees - Red Dead Redemption 2

Alright, with those three out of the way, we can move on to the usual performance draining suspects. Okay, here is where the fun truly begins. It may take a while to find the right mix, but aside from the heavy hitters I mentioned, most settings in the game can be safely set to High or Ultra. Putting the rowdier settings like Reflections to Medium in combination with everything else should get you above 60 frames in the majority of the game.

That wraps up this guide. Keep an eye out for our review of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC in the coming daysas we get more hands on time with the port, and see how Rockstar stabilizes the ship. Game Guides. Some of these settings are criminal. November 6th, by Brandon Adams. We're Looking For Contributors.

red dead redemption 2 tree flicker

You May Like.As Rockstar gives Red Dead Redemption 2 a belated release on PC, we're republishing our original review of its grand western adventure. We'll have more on the PC version in the coming days from Digital Foundry, and if you're playing and need a hand head to our extensive Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough. It's one of those cute ironies that Rockstar Games, most famous for the virtual cityscapes of the Grand Theft Auto series, would create what many consider its masterpiece when working with the dust and dirt of the wilds.

When it launched inthe open-world western Red Dead Redemption was as refreshing as a chill blast of mountain air: a bucolic, melancholy counterpoint to the madcap urban caricature of GTA.

And so it's fitting that the sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, makes its greatest strides in its world. This is a vast, staggeringly detailed open world. You could get out a virtual ruler to proclaim it Rockstar's biggest yet, or count every single NPC, line of dialogue, rock, tree and outhouse and say it's the developer's densest, but I'll leave all that for someone else. What I will say is that this is Rockstar's broadest canvas since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, quite possibly even more so, with what no longer feels like a take on a single city or state but practically an entire country.

There are the heights of Amorino, hidden under knee-deep snow, the flats of New Hanover, the bayous of Lemoyne, the opulent metropolis of Saint Denis, and the clipped greens of West Elizabeth.

It's a map that offers Rockstar's take on the sights and sounds of late 19th-century New Orleans through to South Carolina, from Indiana to Iowa and plenty more besides - a forged snapshot of an America forever lost that is utterly convincing.

It's those thousands of small details that do the convincing: the way the oil shimmers on the surface of the water that sits outside the factories of chilly Annesburg, the cold stare and silence that meets you when you drag your scruffy frame through the saloon doors of the more cultured Saint Denis, the lamps that flicker across the midnight quiet in the town of Rhodes. It's the way it'll make a keen botanist of you, admiring the Spanish moss that hangs from the bald cypress of the bayou, the pines up in the mountains or the white oaks down on the plains, all shifting beautifully in the breeze.

Even before you get to the fauna that lies underneath, it's a world that feels alive. It's in the way you'll see that weather build overhead, thick crops of cloud rolling in over the expanse of country - from most vantage points the horizon is thrillingly distant, the sky so vast above it all - while meticulously studied cloud formations swirl together.

The craft that's gone into Red Dead Redemption 2's world - painstaking, expensive and arguably at too great a human cost - is evident in every frame.

red dead redemption 2 tree flicker

And it's enriched by an artistry and technical excellence that's just as evident. If the original Red Dead Redemption leaned heavily on celluloid depictions of the west, then its follow-up is much more painterly in tone.

The landscapes of 19th-century artist Albert Bierstadt are one noted influence, those thick oils impressively mirrored in Red Dead Redemption 2's own textures; in the dawn or dusk of certain days, there's a richness to the light that would make Turner blush, veering, at times, towards a certain impressionism in the diffuse light. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a world of vivid textures, too. There's the thick mud you brawl in along the main strip of Valentine, the town where your adventures start, the coarse leather of a coat you've crafted from the wildlife you're free to hunt down, or just the taut hide of your horse that ferries you from place to place.

It's a world you have a tangible place in, thanks to Rockstar's use once again of Euphoria animation technology that sees you stumble, sprint and collide with objects in the world, grounding you in it. Impressively - and somewhat cruelly - that extends to your horse now too, an aggressive trot into a tree trunk proving just as grisly as any of GTA's more violent moments.Here's where we've had the most luck in hunting woodpeckers for Red Dead Redemption 2's Hunting Request.

Woodpeckers are lovely little creatures with an extremely distinctive pecking sound. The former is native to the area around Annesburg and Roanoke Ridge in New Hanover, while the latter appears throughout the wooded regions of New Hanover. Both can also be found in West Elizabeth, Lemoyne and Ambarino. Spotting them is another matter entirely, however. Much like hunting the Blue Jay we recommend travelling to the Dakota River, which pokes out from the northwest corner of Flat Iron Lake. Starting in the morning light, ride your horse close to the trees on the west side of the first bend in the river.

This should spook birds out of them, giving you a chance to take them down with Dead-Eye. We've embedded a short video we found by Turtly Hermit WaspinatoR below which shows the technique in action. Because woodpeckers are small game, you should use a Bow with Small Game Arrow to have the best chance of grabbing the Perfect Carcass required for the Hunting Request. The most effective way to get yourself a perfect pelt is to look into crafting the Buck Antler Trinket which will improve the quality you receive from skinning by one tier.

Beyond that, the best advice we can offer is a bit of patience. If you're on a hunting spree, visit our animal locations hub for RDR2. Want some tips and tricks for the main story? Our friends over at Shacknews can help you out with their RDR2 walkthrough and guide!

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Read more about our cookie policy. November 14 Henry Stenhouse Associate Editor. Power Shop Now. Keyboards Shop Now.New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. While it was not officially announced until late in the year, Red Dead Redemption 2 had been one of the most anticipated PC titles in a long time. That question was answered on November 5,when the game launched on PC, bringing along many graphical improvements.

Rockstar opted to include loads of graphics settings in Red Dead Redemption 2 so that players could tinker with performance and image quality. This guide will explain those settings so that you can get the most out of your time with the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Before diving headfirst into the ocean of graphics settings, check the official system requirements for the game to see how your PC stacks up. If your hardware falls closer to the minimum required configuration, you might want to stick with the lowest possible settings to ensure smooth performance. Those with higher-end PCs will have lots of room to experiment with the options Rockstar has provided.

Disclaimer: Red Dead Redemption 2 is an insanely large and complex game. It is impossible to definitively test all scenarios, so the performance and settings recommendations contained within this guide are based on our own findings. All systems vary and the game may perform better or worse depending on your exact hardware configuration.

Use these recommendations as a starting point for your graphical experimentation rather than a definitive authority.

red dead redemption 2 tree flicker

Some of the available graphics options will require that the game be restarted to take effect. This allows laptop users to specify which GPU the game will be rendered on if the laptop has integrated and discrete GPUs built-in. Designates the monitor on which the game will be displayed for users with multi-monitor configurations.

It will be greyed out if only one display is connected. The output resolution of the game to your display. We recommend always using the native resolution of your device for the best image quality. If you want to lower resolution to increase performance, use the built-in Resolution Scaling option for the best results.

Users can force the game to output to their display at a specific refresh rate. This option is only modifiable when using exclusive fullscreen mode. For windowed and borderless window modes, the game defaults to your Windows desktop refresh rate. This setting determines if the game will run in a window, borderless window or in exclusive fullscreen mode. This setting determines how the VSync setting operates. Triple Buffering introduces a single frame delay to ensure smooth output regardless of frame rate fluctuations below the display refresh rate.

This option is used in the console versions of the game. Double Buffering eliminates the delay but will drop the frame rate to half each time it falls below the refresh rate.

red dead redemption 2 tree flicker

For example, if your PC is unable to stay at 60Hz or above, each dip down to 30Hz when Double Buffering is enabled will make the game feel stuttery. This slider offers a way to set image quality without fussing over each individual toggle.About Red dead redemption 2.

I sometimes see noises like flickering on the screen. Is there a way to eliminate this? Thank you for your reply. It may be due to my personal computer environment.

Try adjusting the graphic settings. There will be an update sometime next week that is safer in regard to potential judder issues. I was a bit too optimistic with some related code in the DX12 implementation. The scene is way to zoomed in. Am I doing something wrong, or is this how you guys experience it as well? Normally my VR-legs are quite strong. Using your head to look around in this title is not recommended. This is one reason why the official profile recommends playing in immersive screen cinema mode.

FOV is another important factor that needs to be correct for a good experience. Too low and things will look too zoomed in and stretchy. If by huge arms you mean too close to your face, perhaps your have it too low. Since the mod does not let us set specific number values, we have to eyeball it each session.

Then when I turn camera, things in the world seem to move in proportion and the FOV feels natural. Hand models wont always look perfect to scale, that is just the nature of game creation. But they look about right to me in RDR2. And no, they wont look perfect 3D, since they are so close to the camera. So it may not look completely natural close up, but the overall scenery should give a good sense of depth. If your FOV is too low, the 3D effect will appear less.

If FOV too high, 3D will look exaggerated. Thanks for the explanation. But then the fishbowl effect is too much for me. Rotating my head horizontally would result in an arc movement ingame. I did try different settings and the immersive screen cinema mode, which was indeed more comfortable, but I then prefer 2D with max settings instead : Maybe there one day will be an official VR release for this title. Flickering on the screen of Red dead redemption 2. Post on by ilkjz.