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7 Effective Methods to Unlock Locked Android Phone without Losing Data

Have forgotten the pattern lock on your Samsung phone and can't bypass it? In this article, we will introduce 4 ways to unlock pattern lock in Samsung step by step. Do you want to learn how to remove pattern lock on Samsung without data loss?

If yes then go through this guide. Here, we come up with several ways that you can try out to unlock your Samsung phone without much trouble. As you also know, Samsung phone provides various lock options such as pattern lock, face lock, pin, and password.

Amazingly, when you set up any type of lock on your Samsung phone, it also asks users to set up a backup pin so that when they forget their lock such as phone pattern, they can use a backup pin to unlock their device, if they remember the backup pin. Thus, the backup pin can help you in bypassing the lock screen of your phone, in a situation like Samsung forgot pattern. Want to know the best part?

Using this method, your device existed data will not be erased in order to remove pattern lock as it will not perform a factory reset on your device. Generally, users do it and if you have set a backup pin before then must go for this method as it just takes a few minutes to bypass the lock screen. This software can help you in getting an access of locked Samsung device. With the help of this tool, you can remove pattern lock, password, and pin lock of Samsung phone without performing a factory reset.

Thus, whenever you want Samsung pattern to unlock, rely on this software to reset lock in just a few minutes. Moreover, this tool also works perfectly on other Android models. It is a free tool that is specially designed for Android lock screen removal. Here is the detailed step-by-step guide on how to unlock pattern lock in Samsung without performing a reset:. To commence it, visit dr. After that, install and launch it. After that, you need to specify your Samsung device information such as its brand name, and model manually.

Double confirm the information you entered as any wrong detail can damage your device. Next, you need to enter your Samsung phone in download mode to download the recovery page. All you have to do it to switch off your device.

ALL SAMSUNG WITHOUT DATA LOST Remove Pin,Pattern,Password In FRP ON,OEM Mode Part 2 to Part 18

Press and hold down home, volume down and power button together and then, press volume up button. After this, the software begins the download process. Once recovery package download process completes, the software will initiate screen removal procedure. Within a few minutes, your phone will reboot and pattern will be reset. You can use your phone as before.

Luckily, you have another simple way to do it and it is using your primary Google account. Every Android device is connected with Google account and moreover, the account is vital to activate an Android phone for the first time.

Thus, Samsung device is also attached with Google account and you can use it to unlock forgot pattern. However, this method is risky as it will erase your device existing data and if you have no problem to reset device then you can go for this method. It will not erase your device entire data. For this method, all you need to remember your Google account and its password. Step 2: After that, select Gmail account to reset pattern and then, enter your primary account id and password to begin the screen removal process.

Step 3: Next, Google either sends you a reset code in the email that you can use to reset your phone pattern lock or you can reset pattern right there as shown in the figure. Set an easy pattern lock that you can remember.Literally hundreds of tools, techniques, and services offer solutions on how to remove pattern lock without losing data, and all of these tools claim to be the very best out there.

The only way you can find out what the ideal solution is for you is to probably try them all out personally. How to unlock Android phone pattern lock without losing data? Download Now. The operation is very smooth and straightforward even for people with zero tech skills. To unlock your forgotten screen pattern, follow the steps below:. Step 5: Follow the guides to set up your device and click Start to Unlock when it is ready.

This is another easy method, but it unfortunately works only on devices running Android 4. Step 2: Enter the username and password of the Google account linked to the device. Step 3: This removes your old lock screen pattern. You can now opt to add a different one. Every Android device has the Android Device Manager application. However, how to remove pattern lock without losing data is by first enabling Android Device Manager.

Step 1: On the web browser on your computer or another device, visit google. Step 3: Here, you will choose the specific device you want to unlock the screen lock pattern. Step 4: Click Lock. One the new window that opens, enter a temporary password. Entering a recovery message is optional. Step 6: If your operation is successful, you will get a confirmation prompt containing the following buttons — Ring, Lock, and Erase.

Step 8: That is how to remove pattern lock without losing data. If you use a Samsung device and have Samsung account created, another option you can use for removing pattern lock. Step 3: When Find My Mobile opens, you will see your registered devices; select the relevant one.

4 Ways to Unlock Pattern Lock in Samsung

You will also get a notification of this. Read the steps below to learn how to remove pattern lock without losing data. The methods detailed here are safe and straightforward. If you have read this post till this point, you should got the answer now and you should try the iMyFone LockWiper Android Lock Screen Removal Tool to save your data and unlock your device.

Fast operation. It removes the lock screen pattern within minutes. The software works for all versions of Android. It removes all traces of the forgotten pattern so that you can add a new one.What should I do now?

Will I lose my data? It is quite common that the Samsung smart phone users have encountered the problem of forgetting password, pattern or pin. Or your Samsung Galaxy is just broken.

samsung j7 pattern unlock without data loss miracle

In these situations, you may want to find out a way to remove the Samsung screen lock. Here this tutorial will give you some advice on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy without data loss. If you do not want to suffer data loss on your Samsung phones or tablets, you are supposed to choose one professional tool to remove the screen lock, for example, Android Screen Lock Removal.

Tip: If you still worry about data loss on your Samsung Galaxy by using these ways, you will be interested in Samsung Data Recovery software. With this all-in-one software, you even can recover data from Samsung Galaxy S7 without any backup. By Jihosoft Last updated on September 17th, Toggle navigation. Home current Store Products Resource Support.

Samsung Galaxy Unlock Tool If you do not want to suffer data loss on your Samsung phones or tablets, you are supposed to choose one professional tool to remove the screen lock, for example, Android Screen Lock Removal. It can help you bypass the password, pin, pattern or fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy. It works well when you forget your screen lock or your Galaxy becomes broken. You can prevent data loss on your Galaxy with this unlocker. Enter into download mode.

Samsung Galaxy screen removal will start after the recovery package is download. Follow the steps below: Log into your Samsung account to access this service. Connect your Samsung to computer via a USB cable. Open a command prompt window in your ADB installation directory. Reboot your phone and the screen lock will temporarily be gone. So you need to set a new password, pattern or pin before you reboot it again.Download our App from GooglePlay Install.

Download our App from Appstore Install. Unlock Pattern Without losing Data : If you have locked out of the Android phone with pattern or Pin code, then simply follow below tutorial for how to break pattern lock on android phones without Losing Data. This is my full guide for how to unlock pattern lock in android without losing data. In the modern world, everyone put pattern locks in their smartphones.

So how to unlock how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset is a huge question. So forgot pattern lock is a common thing. You can find many ways on the internet for unlock pattern lock but in most of the guides your data will wipe, and you lose all your apps, contacts, messages, etc.

How to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset and without debugging. I will tell you a trick how to unlock android pattern lock if forgotten. I will tell you about how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset step by step in this Tutorial. You just need a PC for unlock pattern lock. And driver installed on your PC. The perfect method to unlock pattern lock and password android device without losing data from the device.

How to unlock pattern lock in android Micromax or Samsung or any Android smartphones. You must change your Pattern lock more often. If you change your lock too many times, then there is a possibility that you will forget your Pattern Lock.

So in this case, you want to unlock pattern lock on your device. As you know, for unlock pattern lock you need to hard reset your device, if you do so your, all data will loose.

samsung j7 pattern unlock without data loss miracle

So in this Tutorial, I will tell you how to get into a locked Android phone with simple trick without losing your Data.

So check out some of the requirements now from below for know more about unlocking pattern locks in Android. Also, have a look at How to flash cwm with flashify. I have provided step by step guide for unlocking the pattern lock in android. You can simply follow each and every step one by one, for unlock pattern lock on your Android device without losing your data.

Now it will Successfully unlock pattern lock From your Device, without losing Data. If you have any issues or suggestions, then you can simply comment below. So it was the complete guide for unlock pattern lock of any Android smartphone without losing data.

So try it and you will also get success. If you feel any problems then feel free to comment below. Hi bromy coolpad dazen1 is not detecting any sim card, also sound and music player not working.We set a password on our Samsung Galaxy phones to avoid others access to the private data without permissions. However, sometimes we forget the password and can't access our own Samsung phones.

Here are some free ways to bypass Samsung lock screen. Method 1 or Method 2 should be the first choice for most of you. Method 3 and Method 4 have their limits to unlock your Samsung phone. If all the above methods fail to unlock your phone, try the last method to go through a factory reset. Forget the password, PIN, or pattern for your Samsung device? Or the fingerprint reader is dead on your Galaxy?

Please don't worry, Android Unlock allows you to bypass your Samsung lock screen without any data loss in 5 minutes. The software offers two work modes. As the topic today is to remove password and fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy, we will show you the standared mode in the following.

samsung j7 pattern unlock without data loss miracle

Step 2. Step 3. Fill in your device info to the blank. You are required to offer your device brand, name, model. Just open the dropdown menu to choose the detailed info so that the software will offer a customized recovery package to unlock your Samsung. Step 6. Confirm the info by typing "" to confirm your device info and click on "Remove Now" to unlock your Galaxy without data loss.

Find My Mobile must be the first option for you because it is a built-in feature of all Samsung devices. To use this handy tool, you are required to log in your Samsung account on your device before it is locked. If you have not yet set a Samsung account or logged in this account on your Galaxy, this tool can not work for you. In addition, some mobile phone carriers block this feature to protect users' private from mobile phone hackers.

But if you have kept your Samsung account being logged in your device, try the method! As we talk above, a Samsung account should have been logged in your Samsung Galaxy before you failed to lock it with the old password. What if you are used to using a Google account on your Samsung phone instead of a Samsung account?

Please don't worry, go ahead to Method 2. With the same rule as the Samsung Find My Mobile, before the failure of unlocking screen, you need to have logged in your Google account on your Samsung Galaxy phone. How to Track Android Phone? Unfortunately, if you can't meet the conditions of Find My Mobile or Android Device Manager, you can jump to other methods on this page. Please go on.

It is quite an effective method to unlock your Samsung Galaxy without losing data, however, it only works on Android OS 4. Many of you should have upgraded Android OS to a higher version, so this may be the easiest but useless one on modern Samsung devices.

If you need to unlock your aged Samsung phone, you can charge it and try this method. Apart from the Android version, the condition to use this method is that you can still remember the backup PIN or the Google account that you used on this phone. Here are the 3 ways for free to unlock your Samsung Galaxy. They are easy enough for novice users to bypass the lock screen without losing data. The last free way to remove the forgotten password is to perform a factory reset via Android Recovery mode.

You can restart the system, perform a factory reset and wipe cache partition. It can be used in these cases:.The Galaxy J7 smartphone is a low-cost Android device with a lot of great features. For most users, this phone is a great choice for anyone who needs a backup device, a low-cost unlocked device for international travel, or even their daily use smartphone. As with any digital device, security is important.

Android devices allow users to create a password, unlock pin, or pattern to securely access the content on their phones. The Samsung Lock Screen is designed to keep unintended users out.

samsung j7 pattern unlock without data loss miracle

There are a few things you can do to regain access to the smartphone. Upon purchasing a Galaxy J7 you are prompted to set up some type of security for your screen. A pin is usually a four-digit numerical code. A password is the most secure solution for anyone who uses their phone for work.

A password consists of words and numbers and is often required by companies to keep proprietary information safe. We miss the old days when bypassing screen unlock patterns was easy. Unfortunately, so do people who intend to steal your personal and proprietary data.

How to Unlock Pattern lock Without Data loss in Android Phone

Only Samsung Find My Mobile will allow you to remotely unlock your screen. We do mean everything! Your pictures, contacts, notes, apps, are all removed once this step is complete, the only thing that will remain is your phone number. You can use the Remote Controls feature on your Samsung Galaxy J7, which will allow you to temporarily reset the password and bypass the lock screen on the Galaxy J7. If you have not already registered the Galaxy J7 with Samsung, try registering it as soon as possible.

Resetting a Galaxy phone is simple once you know how to do it. Once complete your phone will look just as it did when you first bought it. Follow the setup instructions and begin signing back into all of your accounts to recover your information. Please follow the instructions below to complete the factory reset process on your Galaxy J Assuming you had a recent backup follow the setup process to restore your phone from the Samsung Cloud or Google.

Your phone will reload all of your settings and content as it was before you reset it. If any of them back up information Shutterfly for pictures, Dropbox, Amazon Photos etc.I cannot hard reset my phone as there are very important data that I cannot lose. How can I unlock my locked Android phone pattern lock without losing data? If luckily, you can recall it by a few attempts analyzing your habit or the scene when you set up the screen lock.

But what if you completely have no idea? Is there any way to remove the pattern lock on Android without factory reset? Now let's see how to choose and perform the Android and Samsung lock screen removal method correctly.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 6. Part 7. Besides, it is required that you've allowed and trusted this computer before you're logged out of the device.

Top 5 Ways to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen without Losing Data 2020

What's worse, this method is not sure to work for those devices with encryption enabled. However, if you're lucky and meet these requirements, you can unlock password with super ease. Step 2. Open a command prompt window or a terminal window in the ADB installation directory on computer. Step 4. Restart your Android device and you'll see that the secure lock screen is temporarily gone. Step 5.