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Cookies Squidboards Discord Welcome! Smashboards Update. I recently decided to start an icon set for Squidboards since the current amount of icons are limited. At first, I only planned on doing the main weapons with the idea of possibly including them under the users name to show their preferred weapon of choice similar to character main icons on Smashboards.

However, as my anticipation for the game increased, so did the amount of icons I wanted to make! I think this will be a useful tool for the community and should help in a couple of areas such as making guides on the site. Once the game is released and new weapons are added I will continue to update. Due to an image limit on posts I can't list every single one of them in this post but I can leave some examples. FaithSilverEraFunkyLobster and 11 others like this.

Great work!Stay fresh! Keep reading. LGBT Squids! I love all these gay squiddos! Orange Inkling has the Butch Flag from butchspace! Wario from Super Mario art by SparkBag 2. Waluigi from Super Mario art by SparkBag 4. Pearl from Splatoon 2 art by Dead Line 5. Marina Ida from Splatoon 2 art by Dead Line 7. King Dedede from Kirby art by Eivuiee 8. Reggie Fils-Aime art by LarryInc Just finished these two inkspill icons for TinyTigerChan up on Twitter.

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Show more notes. A compilation of squints from the Testfire.Octolings are playable characters in Splatoon 2alongside the Inklings. The player can switch between them and the Inklings in the Player Settings, however, the game will save both the player's Inkling and Octoling so they can play as Agent 4 or Agent 8 with the same features in their respective game mode.

The playable Octolings were once fighters in the Octarian military, brainwashed by the music of DJ Octavio [1]but when they heard the Calamari Inkantationit nullified the brainwashing effect, freeing their souls from the oppression.

Many but not all of them escaped to Inkling society in Inkopolis afterwards, hoping to start anew. This happened during the " Enter the Octobot King! Their octopus form is widely different to the Octarian oneswith two long tentacles in the middle that helps them move, two smaller ones in front that resembles a mustache, and four smaller ones on the underside, along with a pair of eyes that are separated and resemble an Inkling squid's eyes.

The suction cups are located on the underside of their tentacles, as opposed to their humanoid form having suckers on the top side. The tip of their tentacles, as well as the head, have a ring pattern on them. They have a total of eight tentacles. The humanoid form has black markings around their eyes, with both genders having two sharp edges and a thicker underline, where the female Octoling has an added dash to their markings.

Octolings do not have their markings connect over the middle, having it seperated compared to Inklings. Their teeth are also different, having one sharp end tooth on their left side on the top, and another sharp tooth on the right side on the bottom. Their ears are round and asymmetrical, with the right side being flat and the left side being indented, each respectively resembling the fin and siphon on an octopus.

Similar to enemy Octolings, the end of their fingers are semi-sharp, but the playable Octolings do not have these ends being tinted in their ink color. Their eyebrows are also different from Inklings, with males having a half oval shape and females having a curved droplet shape. Just like Inklings, Octolings are able to choose from a variety of skin tones, hairstyles, and eye colors. The choices of eye color and skin tone are identical to the Inklings.

Both the male and female Octolings possess two different choices in hairstyle. The female Octoling's first hairstyle either has two thinner tentacles in front reaching past their shoulders with thicker, shorter tentacles in the back both with curled tips, or one with two tentacles tied back into a ponytail, with the other two as sideburns.

The male Octoling's first hairstyle features a mostly shaved style with a single tentacle acting as a mohawk and three smaller tentacles are lined up in the back of his head The mohawk design might be a reference to the Octotrooper tentacle. His second hairstyle is an afro reminiscent of an Octopus' mantle. This hairstyle notably molds while wearing headgear.It is intended only for certain people to use, so please respect the artist's wishes.

Pfps using these icons won't be hidden but we strongly encourage you not to use the icons from the Octoling maker at all. It does not require credit to be used. Do keep in mind that we will still enforce our strict rule against creating adoptables or using any other method to gain profit from these sites.

Thank you! Splatoon Amino Staff here. It has come to our attention that many users in our Amino community use primarily one of two popular online websites to create Inkling icons of their characters.

We would also like to bring attention to issues regarding edits of bases in general, later on in the post. We are now enforcing new rules regarding online squid-maker sites and edits. This site has been around for a very long time, and most members on Amino know about it. Mebuika Icon Maker. This site was released a lot more recently, though it spread very quickly throughout Amino and has quickly become the one of the two sites that is more often used.

While Ikasu. This sets it apart from the Ikasu site. They also do not want users to edit any of the creations made with the site, nor sell any creations to make money.

Because the Splatoon Amino Staff have seen these terms being disregarded, we have decided to step in. Whenever you use Mebuika Icon Maker, you must credit either the website or the Twitter artist. All posts that share content from the site without credit will be disabled. They may be re-enabled if proper credit is edited in if they also follow the next two rules. Regardless of whether or not you have properly credited the site, you cannot create any edits of the creations from Mebuika Icon Maker OR Ikasu.

This includes drawing on top of the pictures. You cannot redistribute or sell Mebuika or Ikasu Icons for money, coins, etc. All posts that try to offer characters whose only artwork is an icon from the Mebuika or Ikasu site will be disabled, regardless of whether the original editing site is credited.

These rules do not apply to profile images; there are too many users on this Amino for us to properly enforce this rule against all their profiles. Instead, we'd simply like to encourage you to provide credit somewhere in your bio, it would be much appreciated. These rules may also apply to any other icon maker sites that may be made in the future, if the creators of those sites have special terms for those who use their site to follow.I'm sorry for having been so long without uploading cursors.

I have rested a little, maybe too much. But hey, here's my fourth set of cursors. This time, they are inklings from Splatoon and Splatoon 2, specifically the four main ones: Orange, blue, green and pink. Pick the one you like the most! Well, actually it's the enemy ink that splatted the inkling, not coral. Whatever, thanks for your rating! Find out how Vista icons differ from XP icons. Cursor Set - Splatoon.

Home Gallery Cursors Splatoon. Splatoon Cursors. Published on July 28th by Moracan. Released under the Release to Public Domain license.

Download Normal Select Blue. Normal Select Orange. Normal Select Green. Normal Select Pink. Help Select Blue. Help Select Orange. Help Select Green.

SFM/Splatoon - Inkling girl blueberry test

Help Select Pink. Working in Background Blue. Working in Background Orange. Working in Background Green. Working in Background Pink. Busy Blue. Busy Orange. Busy Green. Busy Pink. Precision Select Blue. Precision Select Orange. Precision Select Green. Precision Select Pink.

Text Select Blue. Text Select Orange. Text Select Green. Text Select Pink.Tbh i wish I could do these icons as well as you do. How do you make them so round and the colour so soffft? I always wanted to make some for my own ocs but that didnt work out so well. Love your art. I use the symmetry tool, a round inking pen for the general shape, and a soft airbrush for the lighting and fades in Procreate!

Both of them are default brushes by the way. Then use the airbrush with a lighter color for the lighting and color fades. And boom you got it!

splatoon inkling icon

I also made a messy sketch for myself a long time ago in MediBang. If you wanna try your hand at it again, here are the sketches I use that you can use as either a reference or even a base! If you use it as a base, please credit me. I hope I was helpful with this! More splatoon pride icon examples!!

Ika (Squid) Maker

Had fun with this one, and I feel more confident with photoshop :. If you want to use go ahead credit the website, crediting me for the edits is not needed but appreciated If you want me to make a specific one send me a message! They are all fun nonetheless. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

splatoon inkling icon

Most popular Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Trans bobble request for lovely anon! Show more notes. Heres you are, this is a heccing valid head cannon. Saw people making these so i gave it a shot with a few of my splatoon characters! Some Squid Icons from the icon maker that I edited! Added eyelashes and some other things! Emperor Icon I made for myself x3 I love that boi.Inklings live in Inkopolis. As the main protagoniststhey don't die, and instead easily respawn after being "splatted.

These can be changed later from the Options menu. They also have no bones. Inklings are said to have some kind of gene that allows them to see certain colors in certain ways. After rising sea levels killed off the human species, and possibly most land-dwelling life on Earth, squids and some other marine invertebrates evolved to become the dominant species on the planet.

During this "Mollusk Era" they developed culture, languageand especially warfare.

splatoon inkling icon

One hundred years before the events of the game, Inklings and Octarians engaged in a great war referred to as "the Great Turf War. A young Cap'n Cuttlefish and his comrades won, sending the Octarians away, to live underground for many years. Octarians return for the events of Splatoon 's hero mode, where you have to rescue the stolen Great Zapfish.

Inklings appear in a likely non-canon role in Mario Kart 8 Deluxewhere Inklings of both genders and several colors are new playable characters. One of their trick animations involves them turning into squid form.

Splatoon Forum Icons

Male and female Inklings also appear as fighters in the new Super Smash Bros. The Squid Sisters will also appear in Smash Bros. Inklings can alternate between humanoid and squid form, which coincidentally resembles the Bloopers from the Super Mario video game series. The humanoid form has a black marking resembling a mask around their eyes, pointed ears, and tentacles that change color in battle depending on the color of ink that their team uses.

They possess pointed teeth similar in shape to a squid's beak. Their squid form resembles a brightly-colored cephalopod the same color as the Inkling's "hair" with two long clubbed tentacles, four shorter tentacles, and two large eyes that seem to be joined. Inklings evidently have no bones, excellent eyesight, and the ability to leap five feet in a single bound, as shown in one of the Sunken Scrolls. They are characterized as being aggressive. Their spoken language is composed of high-pitched gargling noises.

splatoon inkling icon

Inklings are customizable. If the player chooses a girl inkling, she will have smaller, thinner eyebrows, straight cut bangs that are curve toward the left, and two long, flowing tentacles that hang from both sides of the head, resembling hair. A boy inkling has noticeably thicker eyebrows, and his main tentacles are secured into a ponytail, with a camouflage-print hairband, at the back of his head, again resembling hair.

Splatoon 2 offers the potential to customize Inklings' hairstyles.