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Joe Biden has raised the ambitions of his climate plan, in a clear sign his campaign is responding to demands for greater action among the progressive flank of his party.

It had recommended the power sector target, among other goals. The campaign said at the time the plan would be paid for by reversing the Trump tax cuts for corporations, ending subsidies for fossil fuels, and introducing additional tax reforms. Biden is trying to walk a delicate line, appealing to the progressive voters demanding sweeping climate polices without turning off more conservative working-class voters in key swing states where coal and natural gas are still large contributors to the economy.

Laying out an ambitious climate plan is the easy part, however. For any of this to matter, Biden first needs to clinch the election. The trillions in spending coupled with a federal clean-energy standard would certainly help to spur the development of renewables and other clean-energy and climate projects.

But the campaign has provided fewer details on the sorts of planning reforms that would be necessary to build a huge number of projects in the next 15 years, given the dragged-out approval process for any major developments in the US. Skip to Content. Latest content Load more.Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, appealed for national unity after he won a second term in office by a wafer-thin margin in a bitterly contested presidential election.

With 99 per cent of the votes counted by Monday morning, Mr Duda had secured The campaign had been characterised by competing visions of Polandwith the president, an ally of the governing Law and Justice party, promising stability and to protect Catholic values in a campaign that faced accusations of homophobia and anti-semitism. In contrast, Mr Trazaskowski wanted a more open and tolerant Poland, and to keep in check some Law and Justice policies that many regard as a threat to the rule of law.

Speaking in the wake of his triumph, Mr Duda called for Poles to set aside their differences. During the campaign, Mr Duda was accused of homophobia and anti-semitism, after he ran on an anti "LGBT ideology" platform and with his backers on state television suggesting his rival would "fulfill Jewish demands".

Although he was defeated, Mr Trzaskowski can take some solace from the closeness of the contestand for reinvigorating an opposition in Poland that had been accused of being rudderless and offering no distinct alternative to Law and Justice.

Despite conciliatory talk from political leaders, Poland still faces unsettled political waters. The closeness of the vote exemplified the broad divisions in the country, and could herald more political conflict, especially if the Polish government seeks to exploit a compliant president and the three years it has before the next general election to press ahead with its overhaul of the Polish state.

This means listening to young Poles, who voted massively for a future at the heart of a strong Europe! Tough times ahead. And a tougher response from EU institutions. Others congratulated Mr Duda on his victory, with the European Commission's chief spokesman saying its president Ursual von der Leyen would "of course" congratulate the winner once the final result was in. There are authorities in Poland who are in charge of investigating these, it is not the European Commission's role.

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Visit our adblocking instructions page. However, he said he had "absolutely no comment" to make on the campaign itself. Related Topics. Comment speech bubble. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for your support.W hat do rigged corporate trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Treaty, an international climate agreement to be signed inhave in common?

They are both tools being pushed by the power elite to rip away our hopes for democracy and to commodify all things to monetize them for profit. It is this drive by multinational corporations to patent and control even living beings such as plants and animals and to privatize even elements that are essential to life such as water which connects all human beings on the planet. We are in a global battle of the people versus the plutocrats and this battle has a ticking timer called the climate crisis.

The global financial elites meet regularly to plan their strategy and tactics. If they can't push their agenda through the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization, they move to secret massive trade agreements.

Big corporations have taken over this process and turned it into a method of their relentless drive to plunder the planet and exploit its living beings knows no limits.

It will take people power to apply the brakes. Once the public understood the implications of the TPP the people created a movement of movements to stop it and the other trade agreement.

Biden-Bernie Sanders Unity Task Forces release DNC platform recommendations

Now, with the Paris Treaty, a binding international climate agreement, set to be concluded in December ofwe must build a similarly unified movement that stops this rigged corporate agreement and puts in place real solutions to the climate crisis. We must understand that the climate change affects and connects all of us — the connection to climate change to every issue should be evident as the health of the planet will dominate the future.

We must be as organized as the opposition to false solutions and the advocates for real solutions. Hundreds of thousands of activists are planning to come to New York City for a march on September In the days prior to that, the Global Climate Convergence in partnership with System Change not Climate Change will host a conference to discuss real solutions and obstacles to changeshare skills and connect our sub-movements.

This will be another step in the growing moving seeking real climate solutions in the face of the corruption and dysfunction of the United Nations and United States which have failed to address the climate crisis in meaningful ways. The United Nations' statements on the climate crisis and the Obama administration's rhetoric about its climate strategy make it sound like real actions are being taken to mitigate climate change.

But the reality is that both the United Nations and the US government are acting on behalf of the industries that are vying to profit from the climate crisis even as they make it worse. It is responsible for the Kyoto Protocol which is set to expire in Sounds great, right? According to Anne Petermann of the Global Justice Ecology Project which sends observers to the COP meetings and provides opportunities for frontline groups to get media attention for their work, the COP meetings are really just industry trade shows.

Friends of the Earth describes the COP process as captured by corporate power to the extent that there are corporate logos everywhere. At the COP 19 in Poland, a concurrent me. In addition to false solutions, the COP meetings are becoming increasingly restrictive and repressive. Like the WTO, they take place behind barriers where access and activity are tightly controlled.

There is no tolerance of dissent even as civil society sees the COP trading away the future of humanity and the planet as well as delaying real solutions. The same things are happening within the United States.

tough climate demands unity

Although the Obama Administration claims to take the climate crisis seriously, their actions are actually making it worse. Obama's Office of Management and Budget has also been intervening to weaken pollution standards. The US is in preparation to excavate land for tar sands extraction in Utah and Alabama even though that will permanently decimate the land and harm local communities while pouring more carbon into the air. The administration has approved the southern half of the Keystone Pipeline which is bringing tar sands from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico for processing and export.

And the Obama Administration has approved seismic testing for off-shore oil drilling even though the testing will maim and kill marine mammals and the drilling will set the stage for more disasters like the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

At a time when the climate crisis is here and we must mobilize quickly to mitigate and adapt to it, drastic and coordinated actions are necessary.Opinion Politics. I must be permitted to nominate his deputy.

All members of the Unity Forum holding elective positions in the state and National Assrmbly must be given automatic ticket for re — election. The state, local and ward executive committee to be dissolved. The team, led by Niger Governor Sani Bello, was in the State to reconcile aggrieved chieftains ahead of the governorship primary and election.

Peller from Oyo State. Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Akeredolu team has made serious in-road into the camp of other aspirants as some of them have pledged to work with him. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Connect with us. The state, local and ward executive committee to be dissolved The team, led by Niger Governor Sani Bello, was in the State to reconcile aggrieved chieftains ahead of the governorship primary and election Bello was accompanied by former Kebbi Governor Adamu Aliero, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele and Hon. The team met with Governor Akeredolu, party elders, aspirants and members of the Unity Forum.

Related Topics:. Continue Reading. You may like. Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Demand for villas, townhouses and hotel apartments has gone up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi after the pandemic outbreak, as residents are preferring to settle into spacious homes amid the coronavirus-triggered implementation of social distancing. Most common "phrases" for online searches for by residents in the recent months include "outside space, garden and pool", showing that "outdoor" has become a commodity in demand.

Some tenants opted to cancel their existing rent contracts to go for better, more spacious houses and hotel apartments to fit their lifestyle due to the opportunity that came with the lockdown cheaper tenancy costs than usual and availability of short-term leases. Home movers and real estate consultancies are also offering palliative discounts on services to help alleviate the financial costs of finding choice abodes and moving into them.

As authorities in the UAE admirably put up efforts with initiatives to fight Covid, knowing that we have great leaders helping us during this tough time. We are living in the best part of the world where there is unity and love between different nationalities.

We are all together in this, and we are all one. We have learned from our leaders in the UAE that it's always "we", and not "I". Some landlords are cooperating with tenants by offering free-rent periods, early refund of security deposit or delaying payments. In the end, everyone is struggling and team effort is much needed during this time. If your earnings as a tenant dropped to a level that makes it impossible to pay the rent, you can terminate the contract without having to pay a penalty.

Alternatively, tenants who are unable to fulfil the financial obligations of their lease contract could ask for a truthful alleviation from the responsibilities of the tenancy agreement in the Rental Dispute Centre.

Climate crisis connects us, climate justice demands unity

The real estate landscape might be changing but professionals who are staying bold and fighting through this crisis will go beyond in the future because they have taken actions tackling every challenge.

The boost from e-commerce is a positive change. Also, cloud kitchens and self-storage are expected to see a big expansion within the region soon. And, if landlords have to rent out monthly as a means to help alleviate the financial constraints caused by the pandemic, then they should do it. After all, we - landlords, movers, real estate professionals and tenants - are in this together.

Ahmed Al Hassoni, founder, www. Bachelors who share accommodation have found new ways to stay afloat. Most common "phrases" for online searches by residents include The recent resolution was issued owing to the slowdown of businessA group of students at Indiana State University has presented a list of demands to President Deborah Curtis in an effort to address concerns about racial issues and climate on campus.

Members of the group, called Unity Council ISU, participated in an online town hall meeting with the administration last week; faculty and staff also were involved. Unity Council is an organization made up of Black and brown student organization leaders on campus. The group also is circulating a Change. This is our way of getting administrators' attention," said Nijah Smith, an ISU senior and an organizer of the group.

The petition "is our way of holding administration accountable for providing a better campus," she said. Also, systems currently in place don't hold students accountable for racist behavior or actions, "and that needs to be changed," Smith said. ISU promotes its diversity, "but they don't hold the people accountable who do wrong to you," she said.

The Unity Council has asked for an overall response and acknowledgment by Tuesday morning July 7with the earliest deadlines for action July Do you have any ill feeling toward black or brown people. These answers need to be accessible to the public. Meetings would be held bi-weekly. It is in the spirit of this commitment to students that I extend an invitation to you for a meeting.

These partners include students, faculty, and staff and each has a represented voice on major campus-wide decisions.

tough climate demands unity

It is a work in progress that must involve many voices throughout the institution. We are serious about partnering with students, faculty, and staff to bring about meaningful change. You have my commitment that we will continue to listen while we work together in good faith to develop actions for change. And, we will ensure that what we do is sustainable — for this generation of Sycamores and generations to come.

Smith said Monday that if change does not occur, "There will be peaceful protests. Indiana State needs to hear our voices. Last November, the Unity Council also had presented its concerns, but "nothing was done," Smith said. Recently, Black faculty and staff also sent a letter to Curtis outlining concerns and issues that they describe as a broken social contract. We look forward to your written response and next steps to implement change and a strategic initiative Representatives of the faculty and staff group also had a discussion with the ISU president last week.

According to ISU, Black students made up We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy.

The Future of Popular Unity in Greece (2/2)

The factions of the Democratic coalition have come into alignment on climate change. Update, July 9 : The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force on climate change issued its policy recommendations on Wednesday, and they are largely in line with the recommendations of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, which are in turn largely in line with the recommendations of various climate advocacy groups. In short, the broad US left-of-center coalition appears to be aligning around a common climate policy vision.

That vision is described in the following piece, first published on May Everyone went their own way, furious at everyone else.

tough climate demands unity

Democratic members of the House were angry at Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was angry at the climate movement, which was angry at the big mainstream green groups, which were angry at Obama, who was reduced to addressing climate change through regulations that President Donald Trump wound up repealing. In all, the decade of climate politics from to netted frustratingly little progress at the federal level or consensus about the path ahead. No one was happy, and no one agreed on what to do next.

But something different has been happening lately, as groups across the left come together to hash out their differences on climate policy.

It turns out they agree on quite a bit. With the coronavirus raging and the economy facing a bleak near-term future, there is more appetite than ever for something big, a vision of a better post-virus economy and society. And such a vision is taking shape on the left.

If presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were smart, he would embrace this vision, serve as its champion, and make a serious bid to unite the left behind him.

And there are signs that he will try to do just that. And who saw that coming? After a decade of dissolution, work on climate policy development cranked back up in earnest around States where Democrats took control passed climate and clean energy bills. Every Democratic candidate for president produced ambitious climate plans.

Perhaps most notably, behind the scenes, nonprofits on the left began a flurry of climate policy conclaves and discussions — often across factional lines, involving mainstream groups, left groups, environmental justice groups, and unions — to try to determine where there was consensus and where disagreements remained.

A few of these groups and efforts are worth mentioning. There was the Green New Dealwhich burst onto the scene in November and utterly transformed the climate discussion, though it was a bit light on concrete policy. The US Climate Action Network convened a policy process that ended up involving more than people from at least separate groups across the climate-concerned spectrum; this May, it produced the surprisingly substantial Vision for Equitable Climate Action.